Aquabot Turbo T-RC Remote Control Inground Robotic Pool Cleaner

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  • Aquabot Turbo Classic is the original and #1 selling robotic cleaner globally
  • Energy efficient operation: Total pool maintenance cost saving of up to 50%
  • No lengthy lateral waterline wear and tear movements that other cleaners incur
  • 3-Directional wireless remote control guidance for spot cleaning
  • DeepClean™ rotating brushes loosen and breakdown stubborn debris
  • Environmentally safe by reducing energy, water waste and chemicals
  • Complete cleaning of any residential pool in as little as 1 hour.
  • Climbs 90 degree to clean walls, waterline and most stairs
  • Self-contained with on-board pump and reusable filter. No gears, bearings, tracks, brushes to replace ever!
  • Extra-wide nonmarring wheels roll over floor and up walls as unit power washes all surfaces
  • Never stuck roller system for stuck-free operation over raised surface obstacles
  • Rotating scrubbing brushes help loosen and break down debris
  • Hoseless, self-contained touch button convenience; works independent of pool’s filter.
  • Cleaning: 1-7 hour digital timer or continuous run feature 2 hours or less
  • Surfaces: Works with all Surfaces except tile
  • Filter Type: Includes (1) Fine Bag
  • Filter Loading: Bottom Loading
  • Includes 60' cord.
  • Includes remote control
  • Aquabots are individually hand-built in the U.S.A for the highest quality
  • 3 year manufacturer's warranty.

The Turbo T-RC is the most powerful and reliable remote controlled unit ever produced. With, a simple touch of a button the Aquabot Turbo T-RC cleans the entire pool. The Turbo T-RC scrubs and loosens stubborn debris, and vacuums everything into its own internal filter for the healthiest and lowest maintenance. Equipped with an adjustable 7-hour timer for customized cleanings and can operate with auto-controller systems. It will cut your maintenance costs in half . The Aquabot Turbo T-RC utilizes a reusable filter bag and power driven rotating brushes enable 90 degree floor to wall climbing ability, including most stairs. The Aquabot Turbo T-RC gives you clean, microfiltered water and reduces chemical consumption and energy costs. Compare Aquabot Turbo to any other cleaner and see why it outperforms everything else!

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