Baquacil Premium Algaecide 1qt.


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  • Proven effective against the toughest algae growth or persistent recurring algae
  • Treats common types of algae such as black, green and mustard algae
  • 1 Quart Premium Algaecide

Baquacil Premium Algicide is used to kill the toughest algae growth in swimming pools. Thousands of microscopic algae spores are continuously present in the environment and are introduced into your pool via rain, wind, and storms. Algae quickly grows in pool water after exposed to sunslight and a pool temperature above 40° F. This low foaming algaecide is a excellent formula for persistent recurring algae. Strongest on the market that will kill all type of algae. BAQUACIL Premium Algicide is highly effective against all unrelenting algae.

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