Storing and Handling Pool Chemicals

Following these steps will ensure that you and your family will have a safe and positive experience with your pool. 

Storing and Handling Pool Chemicals

Owning an above ground pool is considered to be a luxury. However, it does also come with a certain amount of responsibility. There are certain types of chemicals that need to be added to the water in order to disinfect and sanitize it properly. These chemicals help to control the growth of certain kinds of algae and bacteria in the pool water. You need to be very careful when handling pool chemicals as well as when storing pool chemicals as exposure to some may lead to respiratory injuries or asthma complications as well as eye and skin irritations. Also, you need to be aware that certain chemical reactions may occur if you do not store them properly. Just a single drop of water could start a reaction with most pool chemicals.

Handle Pool Chemicals with gloves

Tips for Handling Pool Chemicals

Use the following tips provided by our Pool Experts to properly handle your pool chemicals.


  •  Always read and follow the instruction on the container very carefully
  •  Feel free to wear gloves, a mask and goggles when handling pool chemicals
  •  Always add pool chemicals to water; never add water to the pool chemicals
  •  Use separate, clean, metal or plastic measuring cups for each chemical
  •  Handle pool chemicals in well ventilated areas only
  •  Always reseal the lid to the containers after each use
  •  Wash your hands thoroughly after handling any chemicals


  • Do NOT mix different chemicals together
  • Do NOT use contents of unlabeled containers
Storing Pool Chemicals

Storing Pool Chemicals

When storing pool chemicals use this tips to ensure maximum safety and enjoyment of your above ground pool.


  •  Store pool chemicals in a cool, dry place that is well ventilated and away from direct sunlight
  •  Always store pool chemicals in their original containers
  •  Keep out of reach of children and animals
  •  Follow product label directions for safe disposal
  •  Never reuse containers


  • Do NOT store pool chemicals on the floor or above your head
  • Do NOT store liquids above powders, do not stack containers
  • Do NOT store oxidizers and acid near each other
  • Do NOT store near gasoline, fertilizers, paints or any flammable materials or ignition/heat sources such as gas-powered equipment
Safely Storing Pool Chemicals

Following these steps will ensure that you and your family will have a safe and positive experience with your pool. It is a good idea to keep any emergency contact information readily available in case it is needed.

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