Inground 1-1/2" x 35' Vacuum Hose Maintenance Package

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This package contains the follow items:

  • Deluxe 1-1/2" x 35' vacuum hose features smooth inside walls and heavy duty cuffs
  • Premium vacuum head with protective bumper protects your liner
  • Premium reinforced leaf net makes it easy to remove leaves and debris
  • Premium 20" wall brush includes bumper for pool liner protection. Helps to remove stains, algae, dirt and grime from the pool wall.
  • FREE thermometer

In-Ground Maintenance Package includes: 1- 1/2" x 35' Vacuum hose, Deluxe vacuum head, Premium leaf net, Wall brush and FREE thermometer.

Deluxe Vacuum Hose

This commercial-grade 1-1/2″ X 35' vacuum hose features full flow, smooth inside walls, and an extra heavy duty outer construction that resists concrete scuffs and tears.

Deluxe Vacuum Head

This vinyl cleaner vacuum head offers a swivel hose connector for twist free movement. Also features protective rubber bumper.

Premium Leaf Net

It's nylon bag with durable reinforced netting makes it easy for removal of leaves and debris. The solid plastic frame is manufactured from 100% recycled materials for a greener environment.

Premium Wall Brush

20" premium vinyl liner brush includes bumper for pool liner protection. This brush can help remove stains, algae, dirt and grime from your pool walls.

Free Thermometer

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