Lithium Shock 1lb. Bag


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  • Lithium shock is completely soluble and produces excellent chlorination
  • Effectively kills bacteria and prevents algae growth
  • Destroys and removes contaminants such as perspiration and suntan oils
  • Will not bleach vinyl pool liners.
  • 29% Lithium Hypochlorite
  • 1lb Bag Lithium Shock

Lithium pool shock will keep your swimming pool clean and crystal-clear without bleaching or damaging your vinyl pool liner. Lithium swimming pool shock works effectively to kill harmful microorganisms such as bacteria and to prevent algae growth. When used on a weekly basis, lithium pool shock will allow you to maintain a clean and healthy swimming environment. In fact, lithium pool shock dissolves immediately and yet will not leave a cloudy residue in your pool water. Providing exceptional chlorination, lithium shock is superior to calcium hypochlorite shock and is becoming more and more popular among owners of residential swimming pools.

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