15'x54" Preference Round Pool

What's Included:

  • 20 Gauge Blue Liner
  • Thru-Wall Skimmer & Return Fitting
  • Free Shipping

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  • Includes skimmer and blue liner. For liner upgrades or accessories click Customize this Pool
  • Top seats (7" width, 11 1/2" height) are printed with a brushed pattern - Vertical supports offer a grey steel look with metallic highlights
  • All structural parts are treated with a double coating of a heat-setting polyester that ensures a great look for a long time
  • 54" high wall finished steel core Is pretreated with Crystalline zinc phosphate to improve resistance to corrosion
  • Reinforced Steel Core - Anti-Corrosion coating of magnesium, copper & aluminum increases rust protection by 72%
  • Beautiful printed patterns - liquid inks & embossing powders - very detailed and provides a finished look
  • Polypropylene connecting parts offer a chocolate grey color
  • Optional LED lighting strips hidden behind the upright covers to enhance your backyard experience. To add the LED Lighting strips, view the Starter Kit here
  • Wall Color/Design: Grey
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Warranty: Manufacturer's 60-year limited warranty
  • Installs above ground or semi-inground (installation not included)
  • Warranted for semi-inground installation up to halfway (27 inches) in the ground
  • Approximate inside (water) dimensions - 15' Diameter
  • Approximate outside dimensions (space required) - 16' Diameter
  • Approximate Water Capacity - 5,000 Gallons

Unique Design

Influenced by contemporary trends reflective of today's new urban spaces, Preference is sure to satisfy the expectations of those looking for something different. The Preference is a totally different and impressive class of pool.

Strength and Value

The Preference introduces textures, colors, angles and even proportions with the introduction of patterns through new printing technology. The Preference structural parts are treated with a double coating of heat setting polyester that ensures a great look for a long time. The top seats are printed with a pattern and offers a grey steel look with Metallic Highlights. It's reinforced steel core with anti-corrosion coating of Magnesium, Copper & Aluminum increases rust protection by 72%. Combined with the wall's graphic, Preference achieves an unparalleled level of quality.

What's Included

  • 20 Gauge Blue Liner
  • Thru-Wall Skimmer
  • Return Fitting
  • Free Shipping

Upgrades + More

Click the Customize This Pool button to upgrade the liner, add a filter, ladder, cover or any other accessory.

Order Times for Above Ground Pools

Above ground pools are too large to be shipped through UPS, Federal Express or the USPS. A trucking company will deliver your pool with an estimated delivery time between 5 and 7 business days. The shipper will contact you within 24 hours of the scheduled delivery to set up an appointment for the delivery of your above ground pool.

Important! An adult must be at the delivery location to receive and sign for an above ground pool and will be required to assist in moving the cartons from the truck at the time of delivery (we recommend at least 2 people to unload cartons from the truck).

Note: Refusal of delivery of an above ground pool will result in a 25% restocking fee and shipping costs.

Building Code Disclaimer

Note: Your local building code may require a permit for installation of an above ground pool and that a barrier is installed around the pool. Before installing, please contact your local building inspector for more information about applicable requirements.

Safety Information

Remember – Shallow Water – No jumping or diving into an above ground pool. The use of a slide is not recommended with an above ground pool. Do not swim under, through or around your entry ladder. Remember to provide a safety briefing for guests visiting and using an above ground pool. Always provide adult supervision for children using your pool.

Note: Your local township may require a pool alarm for an above ground swimming pool. Please contact your local township for more information about applicable requirements.

Customer Reviews
Great above ground pool for small family

Review by CHUCK on Jul 6, 2015

Well I think I should start by telling you my expierence with above ground pools. Really not much, We have had 2 Intex above ground, and for the price they were great. My wife and I decided to upgrade to something nicer and hopefully last for many years. We found the contempra on line and felt it was the one for us. I ordered the pool online and everything was very easy. The pool was delivered within ten days. We began construction and all was going well till we came upon the section about the cove, as we are fairly new to above ground pools we did not know about this, so if you order a pool make sure you order the Styrofoam cove you will need, you can use sand but the Styrofoam is so much easier and won't wash out. We were lucky that our local leslies pool supply had the Styrofoam cove we needed, So we continued with construction of the pool. Now the next few things I am going to tell you may not sound so good but I feel it's important because of the excellent customer service I received. Ok back to the pool. We were getting near the finish line for completing the pool, we tried to attach the top seat ledges and nothing was lining up. We tried everything thinking we had made some mistake. We called the pool factory on a sunday afternoon and were connected to people immediately that could help with the problem. My customer reps. name was Tom and he was the best. I emailed tom pictures of the problem and they got right on trying to resolve our issues. The next day Tom called me first thing that morning and he had already contacted the manufacturer and told me they would be calling me also. After a couple days of conversations and emails of pictures the engineers had determined that my top seats or ledges had not been bent correctly . They quickly expedited the shipping of the new top seats and everything came togeather just fine. To close I just want you to know this pool is awesome, there is hardly any cleaning needed do the inline skimmer. I purchased a 1.5 hs. Hayward pump. Get a good pump it's worth the extra money. The Pool factory was great to deal with and I would recommend them , And if he's available ask for Tom ...

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