Saltwater Series Oxidizing Shock 3lbs


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  • Safe for all Saltwater swimming pools
  • Replaces superchlorination & destroys irritating & odorous chloramines
  • Cleans your pool, eliminates organic contaminants, and prevents algae without killing microorganisms or adding high levels of chlorine
  • Very gentle on swimmers, does not cause itchy skin or eyes
  • Won't bleach vinyl
  • Swim in just 15 minutes

Saltwater Oxidizing Shock is a powerful, new chlorine-free shock, designed to clean your pool and leave your water sparkling clear! Oxidizing shock is the most popular non-chlorinated shock, using the power of available oxygen to eliminate contaminants, organic waste, chlorine odor, and prevent algae, all while freeing up the chlorine already in your pool. And the best part of chlorine-free shock, is you can get back in the pool in as little as 15 minutes after use!

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