Benefits of Winter Cover Sealer

One of the most important things to do at the end of the pool season is to properly close your pool to ensure you avoid common pitfalls when opening it next spring. Learn more about how cover sealer can help seal your pool.

Benefits of Winter Cover Sealer

Most winter covers are secured to your above ground pool using a vinyl coated cable and ratcheting winch. The cable is fed through the grommets of the cover and tightened with the winch. However, at times strong gusts of wind can get underneath the winter cover. This could blow the cover up or even off of the pool completely. Now dust, dirt and other contaminants can get into your pools’ water leaving you with more work in the spring time when you want to open your pool.

Horizon Winter Cover Sealer is a fairly new product that above ground pool owners are beginning to love. It is very easy to use and prevents the problem of strong winds damaging your winter cover. It will also eliminate the need for costly cover clips or weights. Once your winter cover is securely attached to your above ground pool, you simply wrap the winter cover sealer around the top ledge of the pool. You should be able to go around the pool about 5 times. Horizon Winter Cover Sealer sticks to itself, not your pool or winter cover. The wind will not be able to get underneath the cover because it will be blocked by the sealer. This will prevent winter cover damage from strong winds and should also extend the life of your above ground pool cover. The winter cover sealer will help keep a cleaner pool by keeping out leaves and dirt.

  • Prevents winter cover damage from strong winter winds.
  • Helps keep a cleaner pool by keeping out leaves and dirt
  • Sticks to itself and not your pool or winter cover
  • Eliminates costly cover clips, weights, and water tubes

Horizon Winter Cover Sealer Installed on Above Ground Pool

Horizon Winter Cover Sealer

Horizon Winter Cover Sealer is is a simple solution to wind getting under your winter cover and causing damage and premature wear and tear. Winter Cover Seal is an 80 gauge film with 33% thickness which is thicker than the competition. The secret to Cover Seal is a special blend of resins that enables this unique material to stretch and hold tightly over a long period of time, even during extreme cold weather. Learn more...

Winter Cover Sealer