Gladon Pool Wall Foam - Product Review

Gladon Pool Wall Foam keeps your liner looking like new for years to come. Wall foam protects your liner from constant friction against your pool wall, preventing tears or punctures.

Gladon Pool Wall Foam - Product Review

This 1/8” thick foam will line the inside of your pool wall adding more protection for your liner. This ensures the liner is not actually touching the pool wall.

Product Features

Gladon Pool Wall Foam is installed on the pool wall prior to liner installation. It can be installed using duct tape or spray adhesive glue. The wall foam works best when used with Gladon Foam Bond Spray to form a more permanent bond with the pool wall.

Protecting your liner from the pool wall will help the longevity of your liner. The Gladon Pool Wall Foam does this to perfection.


  • Gladon Pool Wall Foam will work for any size above ground pool.
  • Will protect the liner from punctures and also rust that can develop on the pool wall over time
  • Provides insulation to your pool to keep the water warmer and save energy
  • Great idea for new or existing above ground pools

Manufacturer Guarantee

Gladon does not offer a warranty with this product. As long as it is not damaged it will create a barrier between the liner and pool wall and will work effectively.


Gladon Pool Wall Foam has been used for many years by pool professionals. If you are purchasing a new pool, I would strongly suggest adding it to your package. Also, if you have an older pool that needs a liner replacement, add the Gladon Pool Wall Foam before installing your new liner.

Pool Wall Foam

Pool Wall Foam 1/8 inch thick x 48 inches high protects against punctures to your pool liner. Create a smooth wall surface with this closed-cell foam padding that helps prevent rust, corrosion and other wall degradation.

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