Hayward Aqua Trol - Frequently Asked Questions

The Hayward Aqua Trol is a saltwater generator for above ground pools. If you need help troubleshooting the device, read our helpful guide with the most frequently asked questions and answers.

Hayward Aqua Trol - Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the "Power LED" not on?

Check to make sure 120 VAC input power is connected to the Aqua Trol control. Verify input voltage with a voltmeter. If there is input power, the fuse may have blown.

Why is the filter pump not running?

Check that the time clock manual switch is in the “auto” (center) position or in the “on” (top) position. If in “auto”, then check that the time is correct (check am/pm by using the 24 hour indicator located near the 2 o’clock position) and that the trippers are in the “out” position.

Why is the "Generating" LED not on?

The Aqua Trol only generates chlorine when the filter pump is running, the main switch is in the “AUTO” or “SUPER CHLORINATE” position, and none of the red fault LEDs are illuminated.

Why is the "No Flow" LED illuminated?

The Aqua Trol has sensed a no flow condition and has stopped generating chlorine. Check that the flow switch is plugged into the connector on the bottom of the control unit and that the wire is not cut or damaged. If there is adequate flow and the LED is still on, check that the arrows on the flow switch (on top of hex) are pointing in the direction of flow.

Why is the "Test Salt Level" LED illuminated/flashing?

Take a sample of your pool water to your local Authorized Aqua Rite Dealer and have the salt level tested. No salt test is completely accurate and the test results may vary from the salt level on the Aqua Trol display. If salt level is low, add salt according to chart in instruction booklet.

Why is the "High Salt" LED illuminated?

Check salt level in the pool. If salt level is too high, lower salt level by draining some of the pool water out of the pool and replace with fresh water. Continue until the salt concentration is at recommended levels.

Why is the "Inspect Cell" LED flashing?

Inspect and clean cell according to directions on page 8 of manual. When done, press the “diagnostic” button for 3 seconds to stop the “Inspect Cell” LED flashing.

Why is the "Inspect Cell" LED illuminated?

Remove and inspect the cell for scale. If the cell is scaled, follow the directions on page 8 of your manual for cell cleaning. If the pool has the proper amount of salt and the “Inspect Cell” LED is still illuminated, the cell may be worn and need replacement.

Why is there little or no free Chlorine residual?

Possible Causes:

  • Aqua Trol switch in OFF position
  • Desired Level % adjustment setting is too low
  • Low stabilizer (Cyanuric Acid)
  • Filter pump switched off or filter pump time too short ( 8 hours for average size pool, more for large pools)
  • Salt level too low (below 2500 ppm, Low Salt LED on)
  • Salt level too high (High Salt LED on)
  • Very warm pools increase chlorine demand- increase Desired Level % or filter run time.
  • Cold water (below 50F) causes Aqua Trol to stop generating (Generating LED flashing).
  • Excessive scaling on cell.
  • High level of Nitrogen in pool water.
  • “Yellow Out” or similar treatment recently used. Some yellow algae treatments will use chlorine at a very high rate and deplete the residual free chlorine. Manually shock the pool if indicated in the directions of the algae treatment. It still may be a matter of days before the pool returns to “normal” and chlorine tests will show the desired 1-3 ppm free chlorine reading.

Why is "-Pcb-" displayed and all 4 red/yellow LEDs are illuminated?

A possible Printed Circuit Board fault has been detected.

Hayward Aqua Trol RJ Salt Chlorine Generator System

The Aqua Trol is an automatic chlorine generation system with a built-in filter pump timer designed specifically for above ground pools.

Hayward Aqua Trol RJ Salt Chlorine Generator System