How Much Sand
to Use With Your
Sand Filter System

Use the following chart to determine the amount of sand needed to properly run your sand filter system.

How Much Sand to Use With Your Sand Filter System

Filter sand, or silica sand, is specially graded to trap very small particles. This is the type of sand your filter needs in order to properly clean your above ground pool. It is usually sold in 50lb bags and can be found in any pool store. One should always consult with their pool filters owner’s manual for exact sand requirements.

Sand Filter System – Sand Requirements

The following table contains common sand filter systems available at The Pool Factory and the recommended amount of (silica) sand that should be purchased with the sand filter system.

Filter System
Sand Needed
Hayward S166 T 16" Sand Fitler System100 lbs
Hayward S180 T 18" Sand Fitler System150 lbs
Hayward S210 T 20" Sand Fitler System200 lbs
Hayward S230 T 23" Sand Fitler System250 lbs
Pentair SD40 Sand Filter150 lbs
AquaPro 19" Sand Filter System150 lbs
AquaPro 24" Sand Filter System300 lbs
Hydrotools 16" Sand Filter System100 lbs
Hydrotools 19" Sand Filter System175 lbs
Hydrotools 24" Sand Filter System300 lbs

Sand Filter Systems

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