How to Clean the Cell in Your Chlorease Saltwater Chlorine Generator

The Chlorease Saltwater Chlorine Generator has a cell inside of it that needs to be cleaned off regularly. Below you can learn how to do this properly and effectively.

How to Clean the Cell in Your Chlorease Saltwater Chlorine Generator

If proper chlorine levels cannot be maintained, and if salt levels and pH readings are correct, the cell must be cleaned. The water that you fill your pool with may contain high amounts of calcium. The time period to clean the Chlorease cell will vary. It is recommended that you clean your cell on a bi-weekly basis.

ChlorEase Saltwater Chlorine Generator

ChlorEase Saltwater Chlorine Generator

Step 1

First unplug the Chlorease Saltwater Generator unit from the power socket. The unit should only be serviced after it has been unplugged.

Step 2

Remove the Chlorease housing from the pool by pushing in the retaining clips to unlock the housing from the metal bracket, using the plastic tool provided with the unit.

Step 3

Remove the front cover from the housing by first unscrewing the two plastic screws on the front using the plastic key provided, and then grasp the two side clips to remove the front cover.

Step 4

Next, pull out the wire spool and unwind the excess cord allowing the housing to be pulled over the outside of the pool. Visually inspect the metal elements inside the mesh covering of the chlorinating cell. If heavy scale is present, the scale should be removed.

Step 5

Unsnap chlorinating cell from housing.

Step 6

Fill a deep container, such as a bucket, with 1 part white vinegar to 2 parts water.

1 part white vinegar to 2 parts water

Step 7

Immerse the chlorinating cell only (NOT the housing) and let it sit for 30 minutes. Hose off and inspect cell. Do not scrape the white mesh or the cell. All scale (cake-like white mineral buildup) should have been dissolved. If scale remains, change cleaning solution and repeat process and proceed in 30-minute intervals.

Do not scrape scale with any type of tools or brushes, as it will damage titanium coating and void warranty. The warranty will be voided if the cell has been cleaned too long or if it has not been cleaned in a timely manner. If the titanium coating is removed from the cell the warranty is voided.

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