Here are some great options and economical products for heating your above ground swimming pool!


Solar Heating Options for Above Ground Pools


Eco Saver Solar Dome Swimming Pool Heater

The Eco Saver Solar Dome is one of the most cost-effective ways to heat your above ground swimming pool.

This eco-friendly Solar Heater features a sun coil, which is 20’ feet of black tubing, coiled up in the unit. This is the part that absorbs heat from the sun, raising the temperature of your pool water.

The Solar Dome’s space-saving design makes it a great choice to extend your pool season, while saving money on gas or electricity, as the solar dome runs off the pressure from your filter system.

Multiple solar domes can be linked together for maximum temperature increases. With each dome, an adapter kit with a 6’ hose and a 9’ foot hose is included, to allow for multiple options in terms of where the heaters can be placed in your backyard. Each unit has a compact design and measures 29” x 29”.

Eco Saver Solar Dome Swimming Pool Heater

Eco Saver Solar Dome Swimming Pool Heater

The Eco Saver Solar Dome is the perfect choice for heating your above ground pool! The Solar Dome includes everything you need to heat up your pool, while saving money on your gas and electricity!


iSolar Swimming Pool Heater

Similar in heating capacity to the Solar Dome, the iSolar Swimming Pool Heater is a great choice to extend your swimming pool season. It has many of the same features as the Solar Dome, but with a different design, with each iSolar consisting of a flat panel, measuring 24”x48”.

Like the Solar Dome, the iSolar runs off the pressure of your filter system and has no cost of operation and zero emissions. The black tubing in the panel will absorb heat from the sun’s rays while the pool water is flowing through the iSolar Panel.

Two or more iSolars can be linked together for faster and more efficient heating of the pool water. Each unit comes with a 6’ hose and adapter kit for easy installation.

iSolar Swimming Pool Heater

ISolar Swimming Pool Heater

The iSolar pool heater can raise your pool water temperature by up to approximately 10° and extend your pool season (the temperature gain is dependent on the number of hours of sunshine in the middle of the day and the ambient air temperature).


Space Age Silver/Blue Solar Cover

A Solar Cover is the most affordable option to heat an above ground pool, especially when used in conjunction with one of our available solar heaters. The solar heater would heat the pool and the solar cover will trap the heat in the pool, increasing the water temperature more efficiently.

Even more heat will be held in the pool when using a solar heater and solar cover together, as a Solar Cover greatly reduces evaporation. Less water evaporating means warmer water in the swimming pool. Additionally, less evaporation reduces the amount of chemicals you will need to treat the water.

The Solar Cover also works as a simple lightweight pool cover that prevents leaves and dirt from entering the pool. The cover can easily be removed from the pool, taking all the leaves and debris with it. Removing and cleaning off your cover once in a while means that less debris will be entering your pool filter, reducing the amount of time you will need to spend maintaining your filter and vacuuming your pool.

The Space Age Silver/Blue Solar Cover that we offer on our website is made of two layers of heavy-duty polyethylene material that works with the sun to catch and retain heat. This results in quicker heat-ups and greater heat retention.

Space Age Silver/Blue Solar Cover

Solar Pool Covers

Solar Blankets are made from a durable polymer material with thousands of tiny sealed air bubbles, designed to capture and transmit solar heat into your pool. Solar Blankets also act as a barrier to prevent leaves and debris from entering the pool, thereby reducing the time you need to spend on maintenance.

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