How to Measure Your Above Ground Pool For A Replacement Liner

Our guide will make sure you properly measure your above ground pool for a replacement liner.

How to Measure Your Above Ground Pool For A Replacement Liner

Different Types of Liners

Above ground pools will use one of three different types of liners. They can either be an overlap, unibead, or a beaded liner. If you are looking for an overlap liner, you will not need to know the height of your pool. Overlap liners come with extra material that will hang over the pool wall and will work for pools that are 48-inches to 54-inches in height. If you are replacing your liner with a unibead or beaded liner, knowing the height of the pool is absolutely necessary. These types of liners are made to fit the height of the pool exactly.

Different shapes of above ground pools

First you must determine the shape of your above ground pool. An oval pool will have three measurements; one for the width, one for the length and another for the height (oval example 12’X18’X52”). A round pool will have only two measurements; one for the diameter of the pool and another for the height (round example 24’X52”).

Measuring your pool

You will need a tape measure to figure out the dimensions of your above ground swimming pool. When you are measuring to determine the length, width or diameter of the pool, take the measurement from the inside of the pool, wall to wall. Also, you should be measuring at the height of the water line on the pool wall.

Measuring your pool width

To measure the height of your pool (for unibead or beaded liners) you must measure on the outside of the pool from the bottom track up to the top track. You need to measure the height of the pool wall only. Do not include the top ledge or top cap when measuring.


Above Ground Pool Liners

Swimline’s liners are made to last. These liners are made of extra heavy duty virgin vinyl, with super strong welded seams to last long winters and hot summers. Swimline uses computerized cutting tables and a computer aided design to make their liners, eliminating the risk of human error. Whether it’s design, pattern or fit, these quality liners are unbeatable.

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