Your Pool Safety Cover - How to Remove, Clean & Store

If you have a pool safety cover for your above ground pool or inground pool, you know that it is important to take good care of this product. Learn more below!

Pool Safety Cover - How to Remove, Clean & Store

Pool Safety Cover – Steps to Enlightenment


Clean Your Cover

It will be easier to clean your cover while it is still attached to the anchors and spread across your pool. Use a garden hose to rinse any debris from the top. If your cover is not made of a permeable mesh material, use a cover pump to remove all excess water from the top.


Remove Springs and Lower Anchors

Springs are what keeps your pool cover taut and are connected to anchor points around your decking or concrete. Carefully remove all springs and store them in a container until you need to recover your pool. After the cover is removed from the anchors, lower the anchors with a hex driver so that no one can trip over them.

Pool Safety Cover

Remove the Cover and Let Dry

Begin to remove the pool safety cover by folding into small sections. It is important not to let the cover drag against any rough of sharp surfaces as this may cause the cover to tear or rip. You may want to let the cover dry for a longer period of time to prevent any mildew build up while being stored.

Remove the cover and let dry

Store The Cover

After being tightly folded in sections use the storage bag that came with the cover and keep the cover inside and off the floor to deter any bugs or rodents from finding a new home! If the cover did not come with a storage bag, a large storage bin is recommended for storage.

Store The Cover

Pool safety covers are worth the investment but expensive! Be sure to take the time to properly care for them and store them for the summer. Happy Swimming!

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