Solaxx Harmony
Robotic Pool Cleaner with Salt Chlorinator

Solaxx Harmony Robotic Pool Cleaner is a great cleaner that scrubs dirt from your pool, including the waterline!

Solaxx Harmony Robotic Pool Cleaner with Salt Chlorinator

Introducing Harmony, a great cleaner option that scrubs dirt from your entire pool, including the waterline, and uses salt sanitation to remove bacteria from the water. Total pool cleaning has never been done so easily and so beautifully. The Harmony system uses a compact electrolytic cell to produce chlorine on-site, from sodium chloride (salt) present in the pool. This process of pool chlorination occurs as pool water passes between a series of titanium plates, which make up the cell. These plates have low current passing between them causing an electrochemical reaction leading to the production of chlorine. Solaxx Harmony Robotic Pool Cleaner requires no installation and operates independently of your existing pool pump, saving up to 50% of your electrical costs. Because Harmony distributes chlorine while moving all over the pool, the result is even distribution of sanitizer to every part of the pool, even dead spots where algae and dirt accumulates. There is no other cleaner or inline salt system alone that can do what Solaxx Harmony Robotic Pool Cleaner does for your pool! It is the perfect balance of clean and chlorine.

Solaxx Harmony Robotic Pool Cleaner

Solaxx Harmony Robotic Pool Cleaner has 3 modes: Combination, Chlorine, Clean

  • Combination Mode – The robot spends 98% of its life in this mode. This means if we zoom into 1 hour, the robot chlorinates for 50 minutes and cleans for 10 minutes. The reason is you need much more chlorine then you need to clean. If a traditional robot works for 90 minutes, in 9 hours in combo mode you will have a complete cleaning cycle using Harmony. Harmony is designed to choose your desired chlorine setting (each LED represents 3.5 hours), and then run in combo mode. Therefore, if you run at full blast (7 LEDs), the robot will chlorinate for 21 hours and clean for 210 minutes. We cannot go more than that b/c we need to give the power supply a break.
  • Chlorine Mode – I think this is self-explanatory and rarely used because why would you just chlorinate unless the pool is spotless and you just want to boost the pool with chlorine.
  • Cleaning Mode – this is a manual complete cycle in case you need a quick clean up before a party or after a storm. This is used much more often. The robot will default back to combo mode after the cleaning cycle has commenced.

Please Note: The Solaxx Harmony Robotic Pool Cleaner has 1 power supply that can either work to clean or chlorinate. You can never do both simultaneously.

Solaxx Harmony Robotic Pool Cleaner is a great cleaner


  • The Harmony can be sold as a robotic cleaner with a salt system or a salt system with a robotic cleaner depending on what region it is sold
  • Harmony doesn’t rely on the main pool filtration system meaning if water goes under the skimmer, the pool stays blue
  • By running Harmony, the pool pump run time can be easily reduced by 30% because robot pumps and filter as well as produce chlorine and circulates it
  • To produce more chlorine, running the Harmony costs pennies in comparison to running extra hours on a generator which means more pump run time at an average of 1.5HP

Manufacturer's Warranty

  • 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

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