Troubleshooting Guide for Your Hayward EC-40 & EC-50 Pool Filter

If you are experiencing any issues with your Hayward DE filter System you can find some common solutions here.


Use the following guide to troubleshoot your Hayward EC-40/EC-50 Pool Filter

High Pressure

Probable CauseRemedy
D.E. coated with normal build-up of pool dirt, algae, etc.Bump
Overcharge of D.E.Bump-Drain-Recharge
Restriction in return line caused by small eyeball fittingChange to larger size fitting
Partially closed valve on return lineOpen valve

Return Flow drop off

Probable CauseRemedy
D.E. coated with normal build-up of pool dirt, algae, etc.Bump
Pump strainer basket cloggedClean
Skimmer basket cloggedClean
Pump impeller vanes cloggedClean with stiff wire brush through pump strainer opening
Air leak on suction side of pumpCheck cover gasket, hand knobs, hose, clamps, etc.Replace or tighten
Electric motor running less than max. RPMConsult pump/motor troubleshooting guide. Most problems are due to: (1) Undersized/improper wiring; and/or (2) Power cut-backs

Short Cycles

Probable CauseRemedy
D.E. loaded to capacity with pool dirt, algae, etc.Bump-Drain-Recharge
Bumping incorrectlySlow down stroke – quick stroke up. Repeat 6 times
Bump handle bentCheck and straighten, or replace
Pump output exceeds design flow rate of filterCheck GPM/LPM output. Regulate pump output to max. filter GPM/LPM rating
Algae presentSuper-chlorinate, Bump- Drain-Recharge

Short Cycles continuing after Bump-Drain-Recharge

Probable CauseRemedy
Contaminated or clogged Flex-Tube braids due to:

1. Natural build-up of chemical deposits

2. Running D.E. charge too long with build-up of live algae present

3. Operating filter without D.E.

4. Operating filter too long without D.E. after the pump starts. D.E. must be added immediately after filter is filled with water and a steady stream is coming from the pump
Clean tube nest (2 methods):

1. Detergent Cleaning: Remove tube nest, hosing it down with forceful stream of clean water. Soak tube next in strong solution of laundry detergent and warm water. Hose down again.

2. Chemical Cleaning: Use water and muriatic acid solution to chemically dissolve contaminates. Consult with pool dealer.

Short Cycles when vacuuming

Probable CauseRemedy
Dirty WaterBump-Drain-Recharge more often
Live, vigorously growing algaeAdd chlorine, then vacuum
Alum or flocking agents clogging the filterVacuum to bypass filter, avoid using flocking agents

D.E. leaking into pool through return lines

Probable CauseRemedy
Opening or tear in one or more Flex-TubesReplace Flex-Tube
Rip or hole in diaphragm gasketReplace gasket
Worn or loose-fitting diaphragm gasketReplace gasket
Loose bolts on tube nest platesTighten bolts

D.E. leaking into pool through skimmer or main drain

Probable CauseRemedy
Filter check valve worn or stuck openClean and/or replace valve

Hard Bumping

Probable CauseRemedy
Caking of D.E. under tube sheet. Due to build up sun tan oil, hair, floating particles binding together to form clay-like substanceBump-Drain-Recharge more often. Reduce use of oils
Overloaded with D.E.Due to improper draining of last charge of D.EBump-Drain-Recharge with correct amount of D.E
Filter runs too long between bumpingBump more often

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