How to Connect Hoses to Your Sand Filter

A sand filter system attaches to your pool's skimmer and return fitting. Follow these steps to learn how to connect the hoses properly.

How to Connect Hoses to Your Sand Filter

Setting up your sand filter system for an above ground pool may seem like a difficult task, but it is actually quite easy.

There are 3 hoses for you to connect when installing your sand filter.


Hose #1

The first hose connects from the thru-wall skimmer on the pool to the front of the pump, also known as the strainer housing. On the skimmer there should be a fitting where the hose will connect. Loosen the clamps that came with the filter and slide them over the hose ends. Install one end of the hose onto the skimmer fitting and tighten the clamp. It should be pushed on tightly. It is a good idea to use 2 clamps to ensure a tight seal. The other end of this hose will connect the same way to the fitting on the front of the strainer housing. The strainer housing is located on the front of the pump and has a clear lid and a basket inside.

sand filter system hose

Hose #2

The second hose connects to the top of the pump (behind the strainer housing) and goes to the port on the multiport valve labeled “pump”. This is usually a shorter, heavy duty hose that is different from the others. Slide the clamps over the end of the hose and install the hose on those fittings. Tighten the clamps with a screwdriver.

sand filter system high pressure hose
sand filter system pump hose

Hose #3

Finally, the third hose connects to the port on the sand filter valve labeled “return” and goes to the water return jet of the pool. Just like the previous steps you will be installing the hose using clamps.

sand filter system return hose

If you are having some trouble connecting any of the hoses onto the fittings, try this tip. Place the end of the hose in a cup of warm water for 30-60 seconds. This will cause the hose to expand making it easier to get onto the fittings.

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