Are you experiencing a leak from your Thru-Wall Skimmer? Follow the steps highlighted in this article to stop the leak.


1. Identify The Leak

The first step is identifying where you are experiencing a leak. Do you notice any cracks/splits on the plastic components of the Thru-wall Skimmer? If yes, then you will need to replace the damaged skimmer component.


Is the leak coming from the bottom or side of the skimmer (Similar to Fig. 1)? Once you can identify the leak and you confirm there are no cracks on the plastic components, then you can move to the following steps.

Leakage in Thru-Wall Skimmer

Fig. 1: Leakage in Thru-Wall Skimmer.

2. Adjust Gasket Placement

If there are no cracked components on the skimmer, then you may have to adjust the skimmer gasket. It is possible that the gasket is only kinked. To fix this, you will simply loosen and retighten the screws (Scroll down to the Step 3 if this applies to you). If the gasket is not installed properly, then you will have to drain the water below the skimmer to reinstall the gasket. Continue reading this step to confirm if your gasket is installed properly.

Butterfly Skimmer Gasket

If you have the skimmer that includes a butterfly gasket, then ensure the gasket “hugs” the pool wall. This means the gasket should be on either side of the pool wall only (See Fig. 2 below). There should not be any vinyl liner or wall foam material under the gasket as this can lead to extra spacing and be the cause of the leak.

2-Piece Skimmer Gasket Set

If the gasket is a 2-piece set, then the first gasket is placed against the pool liner (under the face plate inside the swimming pool). The other gasket is placed against the outside of the pool wall (between the body of the skimmer and pool wall) – See Fig. 3 below.

It is important to ensure the skimmer gasket is installed properly so that there is no extra spacing and no kinks. Scroll down to the next step if the skimmer gasket is installed properly.

Please note: If you are experiencing a leak similar to “B” in Fig. 1 above, then you must ensure the standard gasket is installed correctly between the body and extension of the skimmer. You must also ensure all (8) screws were installed which connect the extension and body of the skimmer. This installation is only required for the Hayward and Hydrotools Wide Mouth Thru-Wall Skimmers.

Butterfly gasket installation

Fig. 2: Butterfly gasket installation.

2-piece gasket set installation

Fig. 3: 2-piece gasket set installation.

3. Retighten Screws

Once the gasket is installed correctly and you have the skimmer face plate and body in place, then you can follow the next step of tightening the screws. Make sure all screws are tightened fully (hand-tight only). It might be necessary to unscrew/loosen them from the face plate and retighten them to ensure a tight seal is formed.

Expert Tip: Tighten the screws in the same order shown in Fig. 4.

Tightening screws on faceplate

Fig. 4: Firmly tighten all screws evenly, alternate left to right, and top to bottom.

4. Fill Pool and Monitor for Leaks

After following the above steps, you can now refill your swimming pool with water (if you drained it to make adjustments). It is important to monitor the skimmer area for any leaks. You may have to repeat the above steps to ensure a tight seal is formed in the skimmer area. If there are no more leaks, then you can start to enjoy your swimming pool!

For complete step by step instructions on how to install your Thru-Wall Skimmer, please refer to our Help Center page.

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