How To Identify Your Daytona Round Pool Components

Learn how to identify the different components of your Daytona Round Pool.

How To Identify Your Daytona Round Pool Components
Daytona Round Pool Model

Daytona Round Pool Model

Parts Breakdown

Identifying the parts of your pool model before you begin your installation will make the process of assembling the swimming pool much easier. Below you will find a complete breakdown of the parts and components for the Daytona Round Swimming Pool Model.

Daytona Round Parts Breakdown

Top Ledge – Reference D


Top Ledge

The Top Ledges (sometimes referred to as Top Rails) are the resin top finishing components of the swimming pool that are placed between the vertical upright posts. The Top Ledges are 7″ wide and are located at the very top of your pool.

Material: Coated Steel

Ref #DescriptionPart # Length 15'
DTop Ledge 38585 55-1/8" 10
Ref #DescriptionPart # Length 18' 21' 24' 27' 30' 33'
DTop Ledge 38585 55-1/8" 1214

Top Track/Stabilizer – Reference F

Daytona top track

Top Track

The Top Track Stabilizers are the tracks/rails that stabilize the top of the pool wall.

Material: Aluminum

Ref #DescriptionPart # Length 15'
FTop Track/Stabilizer 38502 53-1/4" 11
Ref #DescriptionPart # Length 18' 21' 24' 27' 30' 33'
FTop Track/Stabilizer3850354-1/8" 13

3850554-7/16" 15



3851053-3/8" 24

Ledge Cover Inner/Outer – Reference B & C

Top Cap/Inner Ledge Cover for Contempra & Daytona Pool Models

Ledge Cover Inner


Ledge Cover Outer

The Ledge Covers consists of (2) parts. There is a Ledge Cover Inner which goes towards the inside of the pool. The Ledge Cover Outer will go towards the outside of the pool.

The Ledge Covers cover all of the hardware where your Top Ledges screw into the Top Plates.

Ref #DescriptionPart # 15'18' 21' 24' 27' 30' 33'
BLedge Cover Inner 38625 10121416182022
CLedge Cover Outer 38624 10121416

Ledge Cover Top – Reference A


Ledge Cover Top

The Ledge Cover Tops are installed on top of the Ledge Cover Outer.

Ref #DescriptionPart # 15'18' 21' 24' 27' 30' 33'
ALedge Cover Top 38626 10121416182022

Top Plate – Reference E


Top Plate

The Top Plates are screwed in at the top of every Upright. Your swimming pool’s Top Ledges will be screwed into these Top Plates.

Ref #DescriptionPart # 15'18' 21' 24' 27' 30' 33'
ETop Plate 38594 10121416182022

Inner Upright – Reference G

Daytona Inner Upright

Inner Upright

The Inner Uprights are the vertical posts on the outside of your swimming pool wall. Each Inner Upright connects to the Foot Covers (Boot).

Ref #DescriptionPart # 15'18' 21' 24' 27' 30' 33'
GInner Upright 38591 10121416182022

Outer Upright – Reference H


Outer Upright

The Outer Uprights are the vertical posts that cover your Inner Uprights. Each Inner Upright connects to the Foot Covers (Boot).

Ref #DescriptionPart # 15'18' 21' 24' 27' 30' 33'
HOuter Upright 38589 10121416182022

Foot Cover (Boot) – Reference K


Foot Cover (Boot)

The Foot Covers connect your Bottom Tracks together on a round pool. Your Uprights will also clip into these Foot Covers.

Ref #DescriptionPart # 15'18' 21' 24' 27' 30' 33'
KFoot Cover (Boot) 38627 10121416182022

Coping Strips


Coping Strips


Overlap Liner Installation Using Coping Strips

An Overlap Pool Liner is installed by overlapping it over the pool wall and using plastic Coping Strips to hold it in place. Coping Strips are not required when installing a Uni-Bead Liner or J-Hook Liner, but they are included with the swimming pool. If using a Uni-Bead or J-Hook liner you can discard the coping strips.

Bottom Rail – Reference J

Daytona Bottom Rail

Bottom Rail

The Bottom Rail (sometimes referred to as Bottom Track) is where your pool wall sits.

The Bottom Rail inserts into the Foot Covers (Boots) on the swimming pool.

Ref #DescriptionPart # Length 15'
JBottom Rail 38737 54-1/8" 10
Ref #DescriptionPart # Length 18' 21' 24' 27' 30' 33'
JBottom Rail 38738 54-7/16" 12

38739 54-1/4" 14



3874354-1/4" 22

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