How To Identify Your
Saltwater Aurora Oval Pool Components

Learn how to identify the different components of your Saltwater Aurora Oval Pool.


Saltwater Aurora Oval Pool Model

Parts Breakdown

Identifying the parts of your swimming pool before the installation process will make the installation a lot easier and go more smoothly. Below you will find a breakdown of the parts that are used on our Saltwater Aurora Oval Above Ground swimming pool and where they are used and installed.


Top Ledge – Index #G


Top Ledge

The Top Ledges (sometimes referred to as Top Rails) are the top finishing components of the swimming pool that are placed between the vertical upright posts. The Top Ledges are 6″ wide and are located at the very top of your pool.

Material: Injected-molded Resin

Ref #DescriptionPart # Length 15'x26' 15'x30' 18'x33'
GTop Ledge (Straight Side) 10148360042 42" 46
GTop Ledge (Curved Side) 10148360000 56" 12

Top Track – Index #A


Top Track

The Top Tracks (sometimes referred to as Inner Stabilizers) are the resin tracks that hold the liner onto the pool wall.

Material: Resin

Ref #DescriptionPart # Length 15'x26' 15'x30' 18'x33'
ATop Track (Straight Side) 10707000042 37" 46
Top Track (Curved Side) 1071507160000 56" 8
Top Track (Transition) 1071507160010 53-1/2" 44

Top Caps – Index #H & H2


Top Cap/Front Part (Straight Side)


Top Cap/Front Part (Curved Side)


Top Cap/Back Part

The Top Caps consists of (2) parts. There is an Top Cap/Front Part which is closer to the outside of the pool. The Top Cap/Back Part is installed on the inside of the swimming pool closer to the water. The Top Caps cover all of the hardware where your Top Ledges screw into the Top Joiner Plates.

Usually for oval shaped swimming pools there are (2) types of Top Cap/Front Parts. There are Top Caps for the straight side and also the curved sides of the oval. They will differ slightly in shape as the straight side of an oval pool has different uprights than the curved sides and the cap must fit onto the upright.

Ref #DescriptionPart # 15'x26' 15'x30' 18'x33'
HTop Cap/Front Part (Curved Side) 10348440000 101012
HTop Cap/Front Part (Straight Side) 10348440001 68
H2Top Cap/Back Part 10348440010 161820

Insert Cover – Index #H1


Insert Cover for Straight Side


Insert Cover for Curved Side

The Insert Covers clip onto the Top Cap/Front part for a decorative finish.

For the oval shaped swimming pools there are (2) types of Insert Covers. There are Insert Covers for the straight side and also the curved sides of the oval. They will differ slightly in shape as the straight side of an oval pool has different uprights than the curved sides and the Insert Covers must fit onto the Top Cap/Front Part.

Ref #DescriptionPart # 15'x26' 15'x30' 18'x33'
H1Insert Cover (Curved Side) 13057440020 101012
Insert Cover (Straight Side) 13057440030 68

Top Joiner Plates – Index #S & K


Metal Top Plate


Resin Top Plate

The Metal Top Plates screw in at the top of each Straight Side Upright.

The Resin Top Plates screw into the Metal Top Plates. The Resin Top Plates are where your pool’s Top Ledges are screwed into.

Ref #DescriptionPart # 15'x26' 15'x30' 18'x33'
SMetal Top Plate 10136R 688
KResin Top Plate 1040033A01 68

Uprights – Index #F & Q


Curved Side Upright


Straight Side Steel Upright

The Uprights are the vertical posts on the outside of your swimming pool wall.

For oval shaped swimming pools there are (2) types of Uprights. There are Uprights for the straight side and also the curved sides of the oval. They will differ slightly in shape as the straight side of an oval pool has different uprights than the curved sides. The Top Joiner plates will fit onto the top of the straight side uprights.

Ref #DescriptionPart # 15'x26' 15'x30' 18'x33'
FCurved Side Upright 10248440004 101012
QStraight Side Steel Upright 22151 68

Insert Cover – Index #F2


Upright Insert

The Upright Inserts clip into each Curved Side Upright for a decorative finish.

Ref #DescriptionPart # 15'x26' 15'x30' 18'x33'
F2Upright Insert13057440010 101012

Upright Cover for Straight Side Upright – Index #F (straight section)


Upright Cover (straight section)

The Upright Covers for the Straight Side Uprights go over the Straight Side Steel Uprights and Gussets. They screw into the Channel Supports.

Ref #DescriptionPart # 15'x26' 15'x30' 18'x33'
FUpright Cover 10248000004 688

Bottom Plate – Index #E


Bottom Plate

The Bottom Joiner Plates connect your Bottom Tracks together on the curved sides of an oval pool. Your Curved Side Uprights will also screw into the Bottom Joiner Plates.

Ref #DescriptionPart # 15'x26' 15'x30' 18'x33'
EBottom Plate11207100000 101012

Left and Right Gussets – Index #R


Left Side Gusset


Right Side Gusset

The Gussets consists of a Left side and a Right Side that are attached together at each Straight Side Steel Upright.

Ref #DescriptionPart # 15'x26' 15'x30' 18'x33'
RLeft Gusset16374 688
RRight Gusset16375 68

Channel Supports – Index #M & L


Steel Strap End Channel


Under Channel

The Steel Strap End Channel (Top) and Under Channel (Bottom) come together to form a tube. The Steel Strap End Channel is longer than the Under Channel and will extend past the Under Channel towards the inside of the swimming pool.

The Gussets, Straight Side Steel Uprights,Upright Covers and Pressure Plates will be installed to these channels.

Ref #DescriptionPart # 15'x26' 15'x30' 18'x33'
MSteel Strap End Channel16539 688
LUnder Channel15933 68

Pressure Plate – Index #N


Pressure Plate

The Pressure Plates are corrugated steel plates that attach to the Steel Strap End Channels and to each other.

Ref #DescriptionPart # 15'x26' 15'x30' 18'x33'
NPressure Plate16549 688

Bottom Plate Straight Section – Index #E


Bottom Plate Straight Section

The Bottom Plate Straight Section attaches to the Steel Strap End Channel and is used to connect the straight side Bottom Tracks. The straight side Bottom Tracks will slide into the Connector on both sides.

Ref #DescriptionPart # 15'x26' 15'x30' 18'x33'
EBottom Plate Straight Section10447000000 688

Bottom Rail – Index #B


Bottom Track

The Bottom Rail (sometimes referred to as Bottom Track) is where your pool wall sits.

The Bottom Rail inserts into the Bottom Plates on the curved sides of the swimming pool and the Bottom Plate Straight Section on the straight sides.

Material: Resin

Ref #DescriptionPart # Length 15'x26' 15'x30' 18'x33'
BBottom Rail (Round section) 1081547000000 56"88
Bottom Rail (Straight section) 10847000042 37" 4
Bottom rail-transition (End of straight section right)1081547000020 53-1/2" 22
Bottom rail-transition (End of straight section left)1081547000030 53-1/2" 22

Strap Section – Index #P


Strap Section

The Strap Sections are connected to the Steel strap end channels and lay flat across the width of our Oval Swimming Pools.

Ref #DescriptionPart # 15'x26' 15'x30' 18'x33'
PStrap 15’ 16725 912
Strap 18'16726

Oval Channel End Cap – Index #O


Oval Channel End Cap

The Oval Channel End Cap is installed on the Steel strap end channel and is used to prevent dirt and sand from entering the Channel.

Ref #DescriptionPart # 15'x26' 15'x30' 18'x33'
OOval Channel End Cap22726 688

3 Hole Square Washers – Index #Q


3 Hole Square Washers

The 3 Hole Square Washers are used in the pre-assembling of the straight sides of a buttress-free oval pool.

The 3 Hole Square Washers are installed on each side of the supports when joining the Gussets, Under Channel, Steel Strap End Channel and Straight Side Steel Uprights together.

Ref #DescriptionPart # 15'x26' 15'x30' 18'x33'
Q3 Hole Square Washers16663 121616

Foam Block – Index #T


Foam Block

The Foam Blocks are inserted into the Steel Strap End Channel towards the inside of the pool. The Foam Blocks are used to prevent voids (sink holes) from forming at the location of the channels.

Ref #DescriptionPart # 15'x26' 15'x30' 18'x33'
TFoam Block29917 688

Coping Strips – Only Included with Overlap Liners


Coping Strips


Overlap Liner Installation Using Coping Strips

An Overlap Pool Liner is installed by overlapping it over the pool wall and using plastic Coping Strips to hold it in place. Coping Strips are not required when installing a Uni-Bead Liner or J-Hook Liner.

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