How to Install a Beaded Liner

Learn how to install a Beaded liner on an above ground pool by following our guidelines in this article.

How to Install a Beaded Liner

How To Install a Beaded Liner

Beaded pool liners are the easiest type of liner to replace. Using a bead receiver that hangs over the top of the pool wall, the beaded liner simply snaps into the bead receiver giving you an even and consistent look. Because they install evenly around the pool wall, beaded liners form beautiful designs and patterns including wall borders and tile trims.

How To Install a Beaded Liner

Beaded Liner Installation Video

All above ground pools call for 3”- 4” of sand to be leveled after the wall has been erected and an additional cove or angle of sand against the pool wall before the liner is inserted. Foam cove can also be installed on top of the 3”-4” sand base. This will give you a total height of approximately 7” of sand (or sand/foam cove combination) at the base of the pool wall.

Correct Base for Pool Liner

Spread out the liner. The curved seam should be centered on the cove at the base of the wall. The other seams will form straight lines across the bottom of the pool. Smooth out all wrinkles in the bottom. Smooth out the floor of the liner by pushing it toward the pool wall. A soft push broom will be very helpful. Never forcefully pull or drag the liner.

There should be NO AIR SPACE between the liner and the base that it’s resting on, especially at the cove area (where the pool wall and the angled sand base meet). If you installed the foam pool cove on top of the 3” sand base and noticed there is still air behind the liner it’s recommended to add additional fine mason sand to help reduce the stress and tension on the vinyl liner and the pool wall.

Correct Liner Installation
Incorrect Liner Installation

Hooking the Liner on the Wall

Now you are ready to attach the wall of the liner to the pool. You should attach the liner to the wall in about 6 or 8 places. If you have an oval pool, start at the beginning of each radius (curved side) in 4 places and then in the center of the two radius areas and straight sides.

Attaching Liner to Wall

On round pools, begin at the 12, 3, 6 and 9 o’clock positions. Use masking or electrical tape, if necessary, to hold the liner in place. Make sure that you attached the wall perpendicular to the floor of the pool. Then, from any two positions, work the liner onto the wall to the center. Continue until you have the liner over the wall. If you do not attach the wall in this manner and begin from one location and your wall completely around the pool, one of two situations will exist. Either you will have an excess of material or flap on the circumference of the wall or you will be short and have to stretch the material to make it fit.

Round Pool Liner Installation

Make sure the liner is hanging straight down from the top of the wall. The liner should not have creases in it because it is twisting around the pool. If the liner is twisting, it is because it is not sitting properly in the pool. Make necessary adjustments before proceeding.

Start filling the pool with only a few inches of water. As the pool fills, work out all the wrinkles and smooth the liner to the wall. If you notice that the liner is starting to severely pull or bend the pool wall inward as its filling, immediately stop filling up the pool. At this point it’s a good idea to drain the water from the pool in order to pull back the liner and add mason sand to the cove area. Adding mason sand to the cove area will help alleviate the unwanted stress on the pool wall and the liner. You can also add mason sand on top of the foam pool cove.

Bead Receiver Reference Table

The following table displays a pools size and shape and the recommends amount of bead receiver's one would need based off those dimensions.

Pool Size Shape Bead Receivers
10' PoolRound8 pcs.
12' PoolRound10 pcs.
15' PoolRound12 pcs.
18' PoolRound15 pcs.
21' PoolRound17 pcs.
24' PoolRound19 pcs.
27' PoolRound22 pcs.
30' PoolRound24 pcs.
33' PoolRound26 pcs.
7'x13' PoolOval9 pcs.
7'x15' PoolOval10 pcs.
8'x12' PoolOval9 pcs
8'x14' PoolOval10 pcs.
8'x15' PoolOval11 pcs.
8'x16' PoolOval11 pcs.
8'x19' PoolOval12 pcs.
10'x15' PoolOval11 pcs.
10'x16' PoolOval11 pcs.
10'x18' PoolOval13 pcs.
10'x19' PoolOval13 pcs.
10'x21' PoolOval14 pcs.
12'x16' PoolOval12 pcs.
12'x17' PoolOval13 pcs.
12'x18' PoolOval13 pcs.
12'x20' PoolOval14 pcs.
12'x21' PoolOval14 pcs.
12'x24' PoolOval16 pcs.
12'x27' PoolOval17 pcs.
14'x20' PoolOval14 pcs.
15'x23' PoolOval16 pcs.
15'x24' PoolOval17 pcs.
15'x26' PoolOval18 pcs.
15'x30' PoolOval20 pcs.
16'x26' PoolOval18 pcs.
16'x32' PoolOval21 pcs.
18'x33' PoolOval22 pcs.
18'x40' PoolOval25 pcs.

Bead Receiver

Bead receiver strips hang directly onto the pool wall to allow for installation of a standard beaded liner. Beaded liners are easier to install, as the top ledges do not need to be removed for installation.

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