How to Install Unibead Liner as a Beaded Liner

A Unibead liner simply means you have the choice to install the liner in one of two ways, as a beaded...

How to Install Unibead Liner as a Beaded Liner

A Unibead liner simply means you have the choice to install the liner in one of two ways, as a beaded liner, or as a J-hook liner (a.k.a. V-bead liner).

J-hook liners have a special attachment that is intelligently referred to as the “J-hook” (similar to built-in coping strips).

J-hook liner

The J-hook is pre-attached by the liner manufacturer to the top of the liner and hangs directly on the top of the pool wall when installed. Since it is custom fit for the height of the pool, with the proper amount of sand on the ground surface, there will be no need to adjust the liner height during installation.

Beneath the J-hook portion, there is also a beaded section on the liner as well.

J-hook liner Pool Wall

Separating the two is a slightly perforated edge that allows for easy removal of the J-hook.

Remove J-hook

Simply cut through the J-hook to the perforated edge and then peel the entire circumference of the liner until the entire J-hook section is removed. Once completing this, only a beaded liner remains!

The now beaded liner is ready for installation and can be inserted into the bead receiver. Just like using the J-hook liner, there is no need to adjust the height of the liner as long as the proper amount of sand is prepared on the ground before installing the liner.

Beaded Liner Conversion Tips

  • Most above ground pools do not come with the bead receiver sections needed to install a unibead liner as a beaded liner. Be sure to purchase the bead receiver separately if you are certain you would like to install the liner this way.

Bead Receiver Reference Table

The following table displays a pools size and shape and the recommends amount of bead receiver's one would need based off those dimensions.

Pool Size Shape Bead Receivers
10' PoolRound8 pcs.
12' PoolRound10 pcs.
15' PoolRound12 pcs.
18' PoolRound15 pcs.
21' PoolRound17 pcs.
24' PoolRound19 pcs.
27' PoolRound22 pcs.
30' PoolRound24 pcs.
33' PoolRound26 pcs.
7'x13' PoolOval9 pcs.
7'x15' PoolOval10 pcs.
8'x12' PoolOval9 pcs.
8'x14' PoolOval10 pcs.
8'x15' PoolOval11 pcs.
8'x16' Pool Oval11 pcs.
8'x19' PoolOval12 pcs.
10'x15' PoolOval11 pcs.
10'x16' PoolOval11 pcs.
10'x18' PoolOval13 pcs.
10'x19' PoolOval13 pcs.
10'x21' PoolOval14 pcs.
12'x16' Pool Oval12 pcs.
12'x17' Pool Oval13 pcs.
12'x18' Pool Oval13 pcs.
12'x20' Pool Oval14 pcs.
12'x21' Pool Oval14 pcs.
12'x24' Pool Oval16 pcs.
12'x27' Pool Oval17 pcs.
14'x20' Pool Oval14 pcs.
15'x23' Pool Oval16 pcs.
15'x24' Pool Oval17 pcs.
15'x26' Pool Oval18 pcs.
15'x30' Pool Oval20 pcs.
16'x26' Pool Oval18 pcs.
16'x32' Pool Oval21 pcs.
18'x33' Pool Oval22 pcs.
18'x40' Pool Oval25 pcs.
  • The exact measurement of your pool wall is extremely important when installing a unibead liner. Be sure to triple check the height so that the proper liner is ordered.
  • All above ground pools call for 3”- 4” of sand to be leveled after the wall has been erected and an additional cove or angle of sand against the pool wall before the liner is inserted. Foam cove can also be installed on top of the 3”-4” sand base. This will give you a total height of approximately 7” of sand (or sand/foam cove combination) at the base of the pool wall.
  • Since it is not possible to adjust the height of a unibead liner, it is very important to have the proper amount of base material to prevent over-stretching of the liner or damage to the pool wall.

Unibead/Beaded Pool Liners

Unibead Liners can be used with above ground pools to replace an overlap liner, a J-hook liner, or simply remove the J-hook section and use with bead receiver as a traditional snap-in beaded liner.

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