The Benefits of Learning How to Swim

Learning how to swim is an investment that can pay dividends in health, enjoyment and living a long life.

The Benefits of Learning How to Swim

Learning how to swim is an investment that can pay dividends in health, enjoyment and living a long life. Many animals are born with the ability to swim, but humans must learn how to swim and practice before being able to swim with ease. Some people never learn how to swim, which often causes them to fear water. Learning to swim is important for several reasons, and mastering this skill at a young age can benefit you throughout your life.

Safety for children

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An obvious reason for learning how to swim is to acquire the ability to survive in water. At one time or another, you are bound to find yourself in or near water, whether you’re on a cruise, boating trip, fishing or lounging by an above ground pool with friends. If the water is deeper than your height, and you find yourself in it, knowing how to swim could save your life.

Some families think learning to swim is not important. This is either because the parents don’t know how to swim, and they don’t view it as a problem, or because they don’t live near bodies of water. However, knowing how to swim opens up a world of other activities, like sailing, canoeing, fishing and water skiing, making them safer and more fun. When you teach a child how to swim, it opens the door to one of the most enjoyable forms of recreation and fitness. Teaching kids how to swim requires only a few instruments, first and foremost being a swimming pool. For them learning could be more fun in groups, so spread the word to other parents who may like to join-in. During swim lessons children learn more than how to stay afloat; they learn to have a healthy respect for water and to follow rules that save lives and prevent tragedies.

According to the American Psychology Association, learning a new skill helps promote healthy brain function.

Children learn best when they are exposed to a variety of ideas, experiences, skills and materials. Learning something completely new helps children develop critical thinking skills that will help them adapt to a variety of situations. Learning to swim gives children a sense of accomplishment and pride in their abilities. The more kids complete new tasks, make friends, and have fun doing it, the more confidence they’ll gain in themselves.

Health Benefits

Most doctors agree that swimming is a healthy form of exercise. It requires you to use almost every muscle in your body, helps build strength and endurance and is beneficial for your metabolism and cardiovascular system. It also can help maintain a healthy weight, healthy heart and lungs. The water provides a natural resistance when you are swimming, while also making the activity less strenuous on your body. Swimming can also help alleviate your stress while improving coordination, balance, flexibility and posture. Let’s not forget the best part about swimming; providing a pleasant way to cool down on a hot day!

Benefits of learning how to swim

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