Unveiling The Best
Semi Inground
Swimming Pool Models

Explore the finest semi inground pools for a touch of luxury in your backyard oasis. Discover stunning designs and lasting quality in our selection.

Unveiling The Best Semi Inground Swimming Pool Models

Semi inground pools offer numerous advantages for homeowners. These pools blend seamlessly with the landscape, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space. One of the many benefits of owning a Semi inground pool is the more appealing low profile look compared to a pool being installed completely above ground. With their partially submerged design, semi inground pools are inherently more discreet. The natural slope of your yard or the addition of landscaping can further enhance this privacy by shielding the pool from the view of neighbors and passersby. This added seclusion allows you to enjoy your swimming pool and outdoor space with a greater sense of intimacy, making them an excellent choice for those seeking a more private and tranquil aquatic experience in their backyard.

If you're in search of a top-tier semi inground swimming pool, consider either the Intrepid or the Saltwater Aurora. These exceptional options not only offer superior quality and craftsmanship, but will also provide you with a semi inground pool that stands the test of time.

Saltwater Aurora: Worry-free Resin Composite Wall

Saltwater Aurora Round Pool

The Saltwater Aurora goes above and beyond with its 100% corrosion-resistant non-metallic resin wall and all-resin frame, providing a worry-free solution for semi inground installations of up to 27 inches into the ground. With its exclusive resin composite wall featuring a multi-layer reinforced polymer design, the pool components remain resilient over time. This assurance means you can enjoy your semi inground pool without the concern of future corrosion issues.

What sets the Saltwater Aurora apart is its manufacturer's lifetime 360 worry-free warranty, covering the complete pool structure for the entire lifespan of the pool. This extensive warranty includes specific provisions for saltwater use, ensuring robust protection against the distinctive challenges posed by saltwater conditions. In contrast to pro-rated warranties, which only address a portion of replacement parts costs, the Saltwater Aurora warranty guarantees full coverage throughout your ownership, underscoring its unwavering commitment to enduring quality and customer satisfaction.

Beyond its advanced features and dependable warranty, the Saltwater Aurora stands out as a versatile and appealing option due to its benefits for semi inground installation. This makes it an excellent choice for individuals in search of a top-notch swimming pool that effortlessly blends with their outdoor living space. Opting for the Saltwater Aurora ensures a great decision for those considering a semi inground swimming pool.

Saltwater Aurora

• 54" Wall Height
• All-Resin Pool Frame with Resin Composite Wall Technology
• Resin tracks, rails, connectors, caps and over-sized fasteners
• Sleek Oval Space Saving Support System
• Manufacturer's Lifetime 360 Worry-Free Warranty
• Warrantied for semi-inground installation up to halfway (27 inches) in the ground
• Round and Oval Sizes Available

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Saltwater Aurora Pool With Resin Composite Wall

Intrepid: Excellence in Quality and Lasting Strength

Intrepid Round Pool

The Intrepid pool sets itself apart with a corrosion-resistant extruded aluminum wall comprised of 4-1/8” wide interlocking slats. Unlike the common rolled one-piece galvanized steel walls found in many above ground and semi inground pools, the Intrepid's aluminum interlocking wall stands out for its superior strength and durability. This robust design enables the Intrepid pool to boast a warranty for semi inground installation of up to an impressive 36 inches into the ground.

This extended semi inground capability surpasses the typical allowances of other models, often limited to only halfway (26 inches or 27 inches) into the ground. With just 18 inches of the Intrepid pool exposed above ground, homeowners can effortlessly achieve the appealing aesthetic of an inground pool at a significantly lower cost. The extruded aluminum interlocking slats not only contribute to the pool's structural integrity but also provide a durable and visually pleasing solution for those seeking an exceptional semi inground pool experience.

The Intrepid pool is also warrantied for saltwater use and supported by a Manufacturer's Lifetime Limited Warranty, underscoring its enduring quality. This warranty not only safeguards structural integrity but also instills lasting confidence for homeowners, making the Intrepid an outstanding choice for a semi inground swimming pool.


• 54" Wall Height
• Interlocking Extruded Aluminum Wall Panels
• 8" Wide Extruded Aluminum Top Ledges
• Sleek Oval Space Saving Support System
• Lifetime Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
• Warrantied for semi-inground installation up to 36 inches in the ground
• Round and Oval Sizes Available

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