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Saltwater pools have gained popularity in recent years, thanks to their gentler feel on the skin and eyes, as well as lower chlorine usage compared to traditional chlorinated pools. If you’re considering the joys of having a saltwater pool in your backyard, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll guide you through the best saltwater above ground swimming pool models, discuss the top manufacturers, and answer essential questions about these pools.

The Saltwater Aurora: Exclusive Resin Composite Wall

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For enthusiasts of innovation and modern design, the Saltwater Aurora above ground pool fulfills your aspirations. This North American-crafted pool revolutionizes your outdoor enjoyment with its cutting-edge features and premium materials.

The Saltwater Aurora boasts an all-resin frame and composite wall, resistant to backyard chemicals and moisture. It features a 100% corrosion-resistant non-metallic resin wall and frame, ensuring unmatched durability. Its exclusive resin composite wall employs a multi-layer reinforced polymer design, surpassing steel and aluminum in strength. High-quality resin and composite materials provide UV resistance.

The Saltwater Aurora is engineered to withstand saltwater-related corrosion issues, featuring 8" wide resin uprights. True curved 6" wide resin top ledges in elegant grey resist saltwater, chlorinated water, and wear. Injection-molded top and bottom resin tracks offer added strength and support. Sleek resin top caps with brushed silver accents add style to the Saltwater Aurora. It accommodates both freshwater and saltwater, working with various sanitizing systems, including chlorine.

The pool is backed by a Manufacturer's Lifetime 360 Worry-Free Warranty, covering the complete pool structure for its lifetime, even with the use of a Saltwater System. Proudly made in North America, it allows above ground or semi-inground installation, with a warranty for semi-inground setups up to a depth of 27 inches into the ground.

The Saltwater LX and Saltwater 8000 - Amazing Strength and Style In One

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The Saltwater 8000 Pool

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The Saltwater 8000 and Saltwater LX pool models have all of the same features. The only difference is the color.

The Saltwater 8000/LX above ground pools exemplify North American craftsmanship, engineered for long-lasting durability. They expertly combines quality and affordability, a top pick for homeowners seeking both performance and value.

These Saltwater pool models boast a Stainless Steel service panel for premium corrosion protection. Their true curved 8" wide resin top ledges resist saltwater, chlorinated water, and wear. The 54" high steel wall features a Duratex 2000 anticorrosion paint to fend off saltwater, chemicals, and weather-induced corrosion. Injection-molded Resin tracks provide added strength and support.

Elegant 6.5" metallic steel uprights sport a texturized polyester anti-corrosion coating. Sleek resin top caps enhance the their beauty and style. These pools are built to withstand corrosion issues associated with saltwater use. It accommodates both Freshwater and Saltwater, working with various sanitizing systems, including chlorine. These pools comes with a Manufacturer's 60-year limited warranty, and it even covers the use of a Salt System. They can be installed above ground or semi-inground, with a warranty for semi-inground setups up to a depth of 27 inches in the ground.

Intrepid: The Perfect Fusion of Quality and Durability

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The Intrepid above ground pool stands as a shining example of American craftsmanship, built to endure. This model seamlessly marries quality and affordability, making it a favored choice among homeowners seeking both performance and value.

The Intrepid pool boasts robust 8" aluminum top ledges, resilient to weather, chlorinated water, and wear. Its 54" high interlocking wall panels showcase corrosion-resistant properties, fortifying them with superior strength. Each panel stands 54" high, measuring 4 1/8" in width and 1/16" in thickness. The addition of heavy-duty aluminum stabilizer rails and columns not only enhances support but also augments the pool's aesthetic appeal. Stainless steel hardware ensures resilience against the harshest elements and saltwater use.

The space-saving Oval Yardmore system not only conserves yard space but also elevates the pool's overall visual charm. The Intrepid is backed by a Manufacturer's Lifetime Limited Warranty. This warranty extends to the use of a Salt System as well. Proudly made in the USA, the Intrepid pool accommodates both semi-inground and above-ground installation, with a specific warranty for semi-inground installation of up to 36 inches into the ground.

The Saltwater 5000: A Testament to American Craftsmanship

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For those in search of uncompromising quality and dependability, the Saltwater 5000 stands as a shining example of American-made above ground pool excellence. Meticulously crafted with precision, this pool is primed for years of pure enjoyment. Its corrosion-resistant resin components and robust construction guarantee longevity, able to endure the harshest saltwater conditions.

The Saltwater 5000 pool showcases 7" wide Resin top seats and interlocking caps, ensuring resilience against the elements and saltwater exposure. A Stainless Steel service panel fortifies it against corrosion. Its 52" high wall boasts a Duratex 2000 anticorrosion finish, shielding against humidity, chemical agents and saltwater use. Durable Resin Rails featuring integrated connecting Resin Plates offer strength, support, and a touch of style. The pool's heavy-duty Resin tracks, oversized Resin connectors, and fasteners all contribute to its enduring durability.

Adding to its strength and support, the decorative 6" Krystal Kote steel uprights come equipped with resin foot collars. The Saltwater 5000 comes backed by a Manufacturer's 60-year limited warranty, which extends to the use of a Salt System. Proudly made in the USA, it can be installed above ground or semi-inground, with a warranty that covers semi-inground installation up to a depth of 26 inches into the ground.

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