Learn the overall heights measurements of all of the swimming pools sold at The Pool Factory. This information is very useful when a deck is involved with your swimming pool installation.


Overall Height Measurements

The overall height measurements of your new above ground swimming pool is useful for many reasons:

  • If you plan on building a deck around your above ground swimming pool
  • If you would like to match up your above ground swimming pool with an existing deck
  • If you would like to install a fence kit and you need to know the overall height with the fence installed on the swimming pool.

Bottom Track (Ground)

The bottom track (ground) is where you will start your measurement from.


Top Ledge

There are 2 measurements regarding your Top Ledge; the Top of the Top Ledge and the Bottom of the Top Ledge. You will see in the image below where these measurements are taken from.


Top Cap

The Top Caps cover where your swimming pool’s top ledges are screwed into the top joiner plates. This measurement is slightly higher than the Top of the Top Ledge. In the image below you can see where the Top of the Top Cap measurement is located.


Overall Pool Height Measurements

The following table displays the overall height measurements of our above ground swimming pools.

Pool ModelMeasurement from bottom track (ground) to Bottom of Top LedgeMeasurement from bottom track (ground) to Top of Top Ledge Measurement from bottom track (ground) to Top of Top Cap
Bristol50-9/16" 53" 53-3/8"
Melenia52" 54-1/4" 55"
Boreal50-3/8" 52-1/8" 52-7/16"
Saltwater LX 52-13/16" 55-7/8" 56-7/8"
Saltwater Aurora 53" 55-7/8" 56-1/4"
Daytona 52-1/8" 54-1/8" 55"
Hampton 50-7/16" 53" 53-3/4"
Tribeca 52-1/8" 54-1/8" 55"
Saltwater 5000 50" 52-5/16" 53-1/4"
Saltwater 8000 52-13/16" 55-7/8" 56-7/8"
Quest 52" 54-9/16" 55-7/16"
Signature RTL 52"50" 52-5/16" 53-1/4"
Signature RTL 54"52" 54-1/4" 55"
Intrepid51-1/2" 54-5/16" 55-1/4"

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