The Perfect Solution for Your Backyard is an Above Ground Pool

Let The Pool Factory help you learn and choose an above ground pool that will turn your backyard into a paradise and escape from the everyday.

The Perfect Solution for Your Backyard is an Above Ground Pool

An above ground pool can be the perfect installment in any backyard; it offers the same level of excitement as a regular pool, without the costs and life-long maintenance issues associated with the latter.

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The depth of an above ground pool varies between 48″ and 54″ and they can come in various sizes and shapes, from a standard 12′ round one to a larger 18′ x 40′ oval-shaped pool, fit for any yard. You can use the pool to swim a few laps or play various water sports, or spend some fun time as a family.

Traditional pools, like the Signature RTL Pools, with metal walls made out of galvanized steel, have the advantage of being durable and strong. Other models have walls insulated with a core layer of foam which keeps heat in and reduces energy bills. These models offer more installation options, such as semi-inground, above ground or in-ground.

Signature RTL

• 52" & 54" Wall Height Available
• Sturdy 7" Wide Resin Top Ledges Durable
• 6″ Krystal Kote Steel Uprights
• Sleek Oval Space Saving Support System
• 60 Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty
• Warrantied for semi-inground installation up to halfway (27 inches) in the ground
• Round and Oval Sizes Available

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Signature RTL Pool

There also are intex pools, easy to assemble or move, which go perfectly with any size budget or yard. Some of these models come with an embedded pool liner and an inflatable top ring which allows you to install it and start swimming the very same day.

Regardless of the material of the pool, the installation is usually simple and clear. Pools with metal frames are set up by fitting and locking pieces together before putting in the water.

Above ground pools have wide ranges of equipment and accessories: you can choose from slides, ladders, or steps. Most models can be customized for decks and fencing, which offers even more freedom when it comes to the design aspect.

People with above ground pools now have the option to sanitize the water by using mineral-based substances, thus avoiding the adverse effects of chlorine and of other harsh chemicals. Nowadays, above ground pools also come with saltwater sanitizing systems which use low amounts of everyday salt to make natural chlorine that softens and purifies the water.

Heat pumps and pool heaters can be used in order to reduce energy bills. You can also install a solar heating system that will increase water temperature by 15 degrees just by harnessing the sun’s energy. When you’re not using the pool, cover it with a solar blanket that will retain heat and keep away debris. If your pool’s walls aren’t specially designed to retain heat, you can enhance them with wall foam.

You should always pay to attention to what is included in the price of your pool. Some come with vinyl pool liner, but this isn’t necessarily a must. Basic above ground pool kits include a pump & filter system, maintenance equipment, solar blanket, ladder, and cleaning substances. Some kits come with extra accessories, such as pool vacuums, fencing, heaters, and games.

An above ground swimming pool offers you the benefits of a private, permanent pool, at a much lower cost; you can find one for as little as $780. Additionally, these pools are easy to set up, dissemble, move, or winterize. Regardless of your personal taste or the size of your yard, you will surely find a style and size that suits you perfectly.