The Pool Factory's
10 Step Guide
To Customizing
a Swimming Pool Package

Customizing a swimming pool is very easy to complete on The Pool Factory's website. Follow the steps below to build a perfect pool package for your backyard!

The Pool Factory's 10 Step Guide To Customizing a Swimming Pool Package

Once you select your pool model, then you can begin the customization process. All of our pools come with a Thru-wall skimmer and 20 Gauge Blue Liner.

  • Easy Shopping Tips: To build a basic pool package you would need to purchase the following four items: (1) Filter System, (2) Ladder or Step, (3) Chemical Kit (Pool Frog or Chlorine), (4) Pool Cleaning Equipment.
  • Popular options: Upgraded Liner, Pool Cove, Liner Floor Pad, Robotic Cleaner, Winter Cover, Solar Cover, Pool Light.
  • Extra Savings! Take advantage of our discounted pool accessory pricing. Only available when purchased together with a swimming pool.

Prices and sales may vary. This article is for demonstrative purposes only.


Customize This Pool

Once you select the swimming pool that you would like to purchase, your next step is customizing the package. Select the yellow icon that states “CUSTOMIZE THIS POOL” to begin the customization process.

Customize This Pool

Pool Liners

The first item you can select is one of our upgraded pool liners. All the pools we sell include a 20 Gauge Blue Liner, but you have the option to upgrade your pool liner to a thicker gauge and choose a different liner design. A liner with a higher gauge will be thicker and more durable than one with a lower gauge.

Overlap vs. J-Hook vs. Unibead

An Overlap Liner is installed by overlapping it over the pool wall and using plastic coping strips to hold it in place.

A J-Hook Liner is installed by simply clipping the pre-installed J-Hook bead to the pool wall. This liner installation does not require any additional parts.

A Unibead Liner can be installed two ways. The first way is as a J-Hook Liner like mentioned above (simply clip the liner to the top of the pool wall). The second way is to remove the J-Hook at the top and use it with Bead Receiver (not included) as a Standard Beaded Liner.

Choosing a Pool Liner

Filter Systems

*You will only need to select one filter system*

1. Cartridge Filter Systems

Cartridge Filter Systems are the recommended option. They are low maintenance and economical. Cartridge Filters are very simple to clean using a standard garden hose. Backwashing is not necessary with these systems, eliminating water and chemical loss.

2. Sand Filter Systems

Sand Filter System use specially graded sand to trap particles and debris. They are easy to maintain and the filter sand can last 3-5 years before needing to be replaced.

3. D.E. Filter Systems

D.E. Filter Systems use a special power called Diatomaceous Earth (this powder will coat the inside of the D.E. filter to trap fine particles). D.E. Filters provide superior water clarity, but require more maintenance than Sand or Cartridge Filters.

Choosing a Filter system

Ladders and Steps

In order to get in and out of your pool, you will need a ladder. Choosing a ladder depends on your backyard setup. If you are keeping your pool above ground and do not plan on building a deck around your pool, you can choose from one of the “A-Frame Ladders”. If you do plan on building a deck around your pool, choose from either the “In Pool Steps” or “Deck Ladders”. If you like the features of In-Pool Steps but will not be installing a deck around your pool, a “Ladder-Step Combination” will do the job.

Choosing Ladders and Steps


The Frog Pool Tender System is a great sanitizing unit to select under the “Chemicals” section. This system utilizes natural minerals and low amounts of chlorine to sanitize your pool. It is low maintenance and eliminates chlorine by up to 50%! This unit easily installs to any filter system and can be used with any pool model. Each chlorine chamber lasts approximately 2-3 weeks before needing to be replaced. Be sure to also select additional Chlorine Chambers (3-pack or 6-pack) and the 8 Piece Pool Maintenance Chemical Kit with Test Kit (water balancing chemical kit).


Pool Cleaning

Under the “Pool Cleaning” section, you can add basic items to help remove dirt and debris from your swimming pool. The Deluxe Pool Cleaning Kit is the most popular choice as it includes the 5 main items to maintain a clean swimming pool.

You can also add a Suction Side cleaner or Robotic Cleaner for automated cleaning!

Pool Cleaning Kit

Installation Accessories & Safety Items

  • Installation Accessories

Installation items like pool cove, liner floor pad, and wall foam are products that will help extend the life of your above ground pool. These products will also make the installation process easier and more effective.

Pool Cove

Pool Cove is foam that easily peels and sticks to the inside base of the pool wall. The foam pool cove is 3-3/4 inches high and must be installed on top of the bed of sand at the bottom of the pool in order to support the liner and eliminate stress at the seam of the pool liner.

Liner Floor Pad

Armor Shield Liner Floor Pad is a tough Geo-Textile material that cushions and protects the bottom of the pool liner from sharp objects, such as roots and rocks.

Wall Foam and Spray Adhesive

Pool Wall Foam is 1/8″ thick foam that gets installed between the pool wall and the liner creating a softer feel for swimmers. It also helps insulate the pool and may help protect the liner from possible punctures. The Spray Adhesive will help adhere the foam to the wall.

  • Safety Items

Pool Alarm and No Diving Sign

The PoolGuard Safety Bouy and No Diving Signs are recommended additions to help ensure a safe environment with your swimming pool.

Pool Lights

Add safety and excitement to night swimming with a pool light. The Multi-Color LED Pool RETURN Light is a great choice to light up your pool with different colors! This light produces vibrant colors and includes a remote control for easy operation. The remote will allow you to change colors, select different modes (brightness, fading, etc.), and powers the light ON/OFF.

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Installation Items
Pool Alarm
Pool Lights

Winterizing Accessories

Winterizing accessories are needed to protect and preserve your swimming pool when it is not in use during the winter months. The main item to add is the Winterizing Closing Chemical Kit, which will keep your water clear throughout the winter months. Other items that are needed if you experience freezing temperatures include the Threaded Winterizing Plug for Standard Return, Skimmer Winterizing Plate, and Air Pillow.

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Pool Covers
Winterizing Accessories


A heater is a great choice to help extend your swimming season into the late Fall or early Spring. There are (4) pool heater options to choose from:

  • Natural Gas Heaters
  • Propane Heaters
  • Electric Heaters
  • Solar Heaters

Please note: Pool heaters must be installed in accordance with all local and state codes and you must follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions and procedures.

Pool Heaters

Add To Cart & Checkout

Once you selected the necessary items for your swimming pool and made some upgrades as mentioned in this guide, you can now checkout and purchase your swimming pool!

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My pool package
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