Learn more about the top accessories for your saltwater swimming pool in the article below.


As you customize your Saltwater Swimming Pool Package, you can select the basic items such as a Filter System and a Saltwater System (you will need both of these systems to run a saltwater pool). The filter system will circulate and clean your pool water while the saltwater system, also known as a chlorine generator, will sanitize your pool water.

After adding the basic accessories for your Saltwater Swimming Pool Package, there are some very helpful add-ons that can also be selected to make the daily maintenance much easier for you. Learn more about these add-ons below!


Saltwater Series Chemical Maintenance Kit

The perfect combination of chemicals to maintain a Saltwater Above Ground Pool, the Saltwater Series Chemical Kit includes everything needed for water balancing & treatment. The kit includes Saltwater Shock, Saltwater Stabilizer, Saltwater pH and Alkalinity increasers and decreasers. Two test kits are also included – a 4-way test strips for all your basic chemicals, plus a separate test kit specifically for checking the salt levels.

Please note: Pool salt is not included in this kit and will have to be purchased at your local pool store.


Saltwater Series Chemical Maintenance Kit with Test Kits

The Saltwater Series Pool Opening & Maintenance Kit includes everything necessary to maintain sparkling clear salt water except the salt! Two test kits are included, a salt test kit and 4-way test strips to help maintain proper water chemistry balance. The kit also includes Saltwater Shock, Saltwater Stabilizer, as well as Saltwater pH and Saltwater Alkaline increaser and decreasers.

Saltwater Series Chemical Maintenance Kit with Test Kits

Inline Anode For Corrosion Control

Corrosion (rusting of metal) can eventually start occurring in an Above Ground Swimming Pool, especially when a saltwater system is involved, but luckily there is a convenient accessory that prevents this from happening – the Inline Anode.

The anode protects the metal parts in your pool, filter and heater by attracting the electrical current that flows through the water. Because zinc is a weaker metal than the other metal components found in a saltwater swimming pool/equipment, the anode will corrode before the other metals.

It is easily plumbed into any above ground pool, preventing corrosion and potentially doubling the life of any metal parts that your water is flowing through. The anode is an inexpensive tool that pays for itself by preventing corrosion from happening in the future.


Inline Anode For Corrosion Control REG20A

The inline zinc anode will protect your pool equipment and keep your pool safe from the potentially corrosive aspects of utilizing a saltwater system.


Solaxx SaltDip Digital Salt Tester For Pools And Spas

The easiest way to test your pool water, the SaltDip has a digital display and can measure your salt TDS levels more accurately than any other test kit. TDS stands for “total dissolved solids” and is a measure of salinity (amount of salt) in the water.

The SaltDip is very easy to use – scoop some water into its onboard cup, press the “start” button, and see the results in seconds!


Solaxx SaltDip Digital Salt Tester For Pools And Spas MET30A

The Saltdip is a digital salt reader designed to make measuring your salt TDS easy. Until now, other products which claimed to be similar really didn’t give the user the ability to measure the TDS with such accuracy. The Saltdip doesn’t require any test strips to work.

Solaxx SaltDip Digital Salt Tester For Pools And Spas MET30A

Pool Check Salt Test Kit

The more economical way to test your salt levels, test strips are simple to use and provide accurate results. Salt levels should be tested at least 2 times per week to make sure there is enough salt in the water, allowing your saltwater generator to produce the correct amount of chlorine to keep your water sparkling clean. Salt test strips are included with the Saltwater Series Chemical Kit, or they can be purchased separately.


Pool Check Salt Test Kit (16 Strips)

Pool Check salt test strips are ideal for any chlorine generators available, no matter what the recommended level. Maintaining a proper level of salt in your system is crucial to the effectiveness of the salt system. Depending on the salt system you own, your ideal range will vary. Consult your owner's manual to determine what level of salt is ideal. Additionally, pool check salt test strips offers a unique color coded system for determining results, taking the guesswork out of color matching.


Winterizing Closing Kit For Chlorinated, Pool Frog Or Saltwater Pools Up To 25,000 Gallons

The perfect winter chemical kit for a saltwater pool, this kit contains oxy-shock (non-chlorine shock) instead of traditional chlorine-based shock.

It also contains everything else needed to close the pool for sparkling clear water when you take your cover off in the Spring. The kit includes “winterizer”, which conditions the water and prevents growth of algae in the winter months. The kit also includes “sequestering agent”, which prevents stains caused by mineral deposits (iron and copper) in the winter months.

This is an addition that no saltwater pool owner can do without!


Winterizing Closing Kit For Chlorinated, Pool Frog Or Saltwater Pools Up To 25,000 Gallons

This Winter Closing Kit contains everything you need to close your pool this fall. It will condition the pool water and prevent algae growth throughout freezing winter months to ensure a sparkling clean pool.

Winterizing Closing Kit For Chlorinated Or Saltwater Pools Up To 25,000 Gallons