This article will explain the differences between the top ledge material on the above ground swimming pool models offered at The Pool Factory.



The Pool Factory™ carries above ground swimming pools with varying components and features. One of the most important components is the “Top Ledge” of the swimming pool. The top ledge (sometimes referred to as “Top Rail”) is the finishing pool component that is located at the very top of the swimming pool.

The top ledge material varies depending on the pool model that you select. If you wanted a specific material, color, or size for the top ledge, then you will have to simply select a different swimming pool model. The three types of materials for a top ledge on our swimming pool models are made from steel, resin (heavy plastic) and extruded aluminum.

Steel Top Ledge

Krystal Kote Steel vs. Polyester Coated Steel

A steel top ledge consists of galvanized steel and has a protective finish. The two options for the protective finish are “Krystal Kote” or “Polyester Coated”. Krystal Kote is a patented protective coating that provides excellent protection against chemical and UV damage. A Polyester Coated Steel Top Ledge is more durable compared to the Krystal Kote finish. A Polyester Coated Top Ledge is the heaviest and most durable steel top ledge in the industry.

The following swimming pool models feature a Steel Top Ledge:

Krystal Kote Steel:

  • Bristol Pool Model
  • Boreal Pool Model
  • Melenia Pool Model

Polyester Coated Steel:

  • Daytona Pool Model
  • Tribeca Pool Model
Boreal Top Ledge (Krystal Kote Steel)

Boreal Top Ledge (Krystal Kote Steel)

Daytona Top Ledge (Polyester Coated Steel)

Daytona Top Ledge (Polyester Coated Steel)

Resin Top Ledge

Resin top ledges are extremely durable and retain their quality for a longer period of time compared to steel/metal top ledges. A resin top ledge does not bend or get hot to the touch, which is especially important if you plan on building a deck around your swimming pool. Additionally, resin top ledges cannot corrode or rust and there there is no paint that can potentially chip.

Extruded Resin Vs. Curved Injection Molded Resin

There are two types of resin top ledges – extruded resin or curved injection molded resin. Extruded resin top ledges have mitered ends and give the pool a more octagonal appearance. A curved resin top ledge is made of injection molded resin which is the best type of resin for a pool top ledge. The curved injection molded resin top ledges gives the swimming pool an attractive appearance with a true rounded look.

The following swimming pool models feature a Resin Top Ledge:

Extruded Resin:

  • Signature RTL
  • Hampton
  • Saltwater 5000

Curved Injection Molded Resin:

  • Quest
  • Saltwater 8000
  • Saltwater LX
  • Saltwater Aurora
Signature RTL Top Ledge (Extruded Resin)

Signature RTL Top Ledge (Extruded Resin)

Saltwater 8000 Top Ledge (Curved Injection Molded Resin)

Saltwater 8000 Top Ledge (Curved Injection Molded Resin)

Extruded Aluminum Top Ledge

The Intrepid Pool model features a heavy-duty extruded aluminum top ledge. Aluminum is a metal that does not tarnish or rust, therefore, a swimming pool with an extruded aluminum top ledge will hold up well over time. An extruded aluminum top ledge is extremely durable and one of the strongest top ledges to featured on an above ground or semi-inground swimming pool.

The Intrepid Pool model features an Extruded Aluminum Top Ledge:

best-above-ground-pool-liners-intrepid (2).webp__PID:2d16711d-7eb8-4bae-9dac-9d3e1808a375

Extruded Aluminum Top Ledge for Intrepid

Final Notes

Each swimming pool model at The Pool Factory™ has several distinguishable features that make them unique and durable options. The Top Ledge of a swimming pool is one of those features. Whichever top ledge material you would like as a component of your swimming pool, just be sure to select the correct pool model!

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