Backwash a Sand Filter

The backwash process is used to clean & reset the sand within the tank so that bacteria & debris can be removed.

Backwash a Sand Filter

Every type of filtration system needs to be regularly maintained for proper filtering of your above ground pool. Pool owners must backwash a sand filter to clean and reset the sand within the tank so that bacteria and debris can be removed from the system. Although many times daunting for first time pool owners, the process to backwash a sand filter is actually very simple and will eventually become second nature for all.

As the pool filter is used daily, dirt and grime begins to build up and needs to be removed through the backwash process (more or less every two weeks).

When To Backwash A Sand Filter

The pressure gauge is the best way to check for when it is time to backwash a sand filter. A normal pressure gauge reading for a sand filter would be between 8-10 PSI. It is a good time to backwash a sand filter when your PSI reaches 15 or higher.

Follow the steps below to properly backwash:


First turn off the filter pump.

First turn off the filter pump

Depress and rotate the valve handle to the “BACKWASH” position.

Depress and rotate the valve

Extend the backwash hose to the desired location.

Extend backwash hose

Turn the pump back on making sure water is flowing properly through the backwash hose without kinks or obstruction and run the pump for 1-2 minutes or until the backwashing water is clean and clear.

Turn back on

Turn the filter pump off.

Turn the filter pump off

Depress and rotate the valve handle to the “RINSE” position.

Depress and rotate the valve

Turn the pump on and run for another 30 seconds to a minute.

30 seconds

Turn the pump off.

Turn the pump off

Return the valve to the “FILTER” setting and resume filtering.

Return the valve

Additional Expert Tips

  • Never attempt to change the valve setting without first turning off the pump!
  • A backwash hose (generally 50 ft. long) is needed to distribute the dirty water to a desired location away from the pool. There is a place to connect the hose on the valve and is marked “WASTE”.
  • Rinsing is important because it removes the remaining dirt to insure it is not distributed back into the pool.
  • Check with your local authorities to see if backwashing/draining to a nearby street sewer is legal in your area.

One should backwash a sand filter on a regular basis is very important for an above ground pool and semi in-ground pool. It reduces the amount of pool supplies needed since an efficient filter will reduce overall chemical usage and is a good place to start when having any issues when it comes to water cleanliness and clarity.

For additional information for your sand filter, all owner’s manuals are accessible in our Support Center.

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