Balancing Calcium Hardness in Your Swimming Pool

Balancing the chemicals in your pool is part of the regular maintenance for pool owners. Learn how to keep your calcium levels balanced with these tips.

Balancing Calcium Hardness in Your Swimming Pool

Calcium Hardness

Calcium hardness is the amount of calcium dissolved in the pool water and the measurement of how hard or soft your water is. The ideal range for calcium in your pool water is between 200-400 ppm. You want to try to be somewhere around the middle of that range. When your calcium is too high or too low, it could lead to some issues in the future. To test your calcium hardness levels you can use the Pool Check 6 In 1 Chlorine Test Kit.

Calcium Levels Are Too High

When your calcium levels are too high the water in your pool is hard and can become cloudy. This cloudiness will not clear up even after a shock treatment. High calcium levels can also cause a buildup of sediment around your pool or inside your filter system.

Calcium Levels Are Too Low

When the calcium levels in your pool are too low your water is soft which can cause some issues with your pool. Water that is too soft becomes corrosive and can damage the metal components of your pool and also dissolve any concrete surrounding your swimming pool.

Balancing Your Calcium Levels

If the calcium hardness level in your pool has risen above 400 ppm, you will need to lower it. If the calcium hardness level drops below 200 ppm you need to raise it up higher.

Lowering Calcium Hardness Level:

  • Drain a portion of your pool water and replace it with softer water
  • If your source water has high calcium check your local business directory for pool water delivery
  • If replacing the water isn’t an option, you can use a flocculant to attract the excess calcium and cause it to clump. After you use the flocculant, clean the walls and floors of your pool to remove the excess calcium and then backwash and clean your pump filter.
Lowering Calcium Hardness Level

Raising Calcium Hardness Level:

Raising Calcium Hardness Level

Calcium Plus 4lbs.

Calcium Plus is used to raise calcium hardness in swimming pool water. Low calcium hardness may cause pool water to become corrosive which can result in etched plaster, corrosion of equipment and fixtures or may cause metallic stains. The ideal range is 200 to 400 parts per million (ppm). Learn more...

Calcium Plus 4lbs.