Pool Liners are warrantied for manufacturing defects. To determine if your liner is defective you must inspect the liner for open seams.


We sell swimming pool liners from the top manufacturer’s in the industry because they are great quality and the manufacturer’s stand behind their products.

The companies who produce these liners warranty them for manufacturing defects. The most common manufacturing defect found in pool liners is an open seam. An open seam would be a very large opening in one of the heat sealed seams and the pool would empty very quickly.

Open Seam


Example of an open seam on a defective liner

Incorrect Installation

The sand base underneath your pool liner is a very important step of the installation process. You must avoid air pockets during the liner installation.

A 3″ thick bed of sand across the entire inside of the pool (wall-to-wall) is required when installing a base underneath a pool liner. Also, wet the sand and tamp to form a firm, level base underneath your pool liner. You must build up an additional 4″ of sand on an angle against the pool wall creating a 7″ cove.

Failing to install a proper cove for the liner will lead to the liner tearing at the seam. A tear at the seam is not the same as an open seam as you can see in the example below. There cannot be any air space underneath the liner. The liner is not intended to support the weight of the water.

Incorrect Installation

Caused from improper installation. Cove not built up high enough causing liner to tear at the seam.

Small holes

Small holes are not defects and can be patched very easily with an underwater patch kit.

Possible causes:

  • During the installation process your liner may inadvertently get caught on the metal top joiner plate or sharp objects on the ground such as a branch or rock.
  • Dropped hardware (screws)
  • Dropped tools (screwdrivers, drills)
small holes not defective

Example of a liner that got caught on an object and caused a tear.

Patching Your Liner

Our Vinyl Liner Patch Kit can be applied under water or above water. You do not need to drain your pool to use the repair kit. It repairs cuts, rips and pinholes. It is quick and very easy to use.

Vinyl Liner Patch Kit

Vinyl Liner Patch Kit can be applied under water or above water. It repairs cuts, rips and pinholes. Quick and very easy to use! This vinyl liner repair kit can be used underwater and includes (1) 2 oz. tube of vinyl adhesive, (1) adhesive applicator, (2) 5″ x 23″ clear vinyl patches.

Vinyl Liner Patch Kit