How to Treat Your Cloudy Pool Water

Cloudy water can be caused by a number of factors.

How to Treat Your Cloudy Pool Water

Learning how to diagnose what is causing your swimming pool water to become cloudy is the first step prior to learning how to treat your cloudy pool water. The Pool Experts at The Pool Factory have put together the following tutorial to help one diagnose and then remedy the causes for one’s cloudy swimming pool.

Factors That Cause Cloudy Pool Water

Cloudy water can be caused by a number of factors. Some factors include:

  • High ph and alkalinity levels (check levels with Pool Check 3-in-1 Test Kit)
  • Failure to run your filtration system/pool filter system long enough with proper chlorine level
  • A worn/dirty cartridge filter
  • Insufficient backwashing

Constant filtration is a must to prevent your pool water from becoming cloudy (generally rule of thumb is to run your pool filter system for at least 8 hours a day).

How To Treat Your Cloudy Pool Water

Appearance CauseTreatment
Hazy, unable to see the bottom of the pool.Insufficient chlorine levels, inadequate filtration time, ph & alkalinity imbalance, insufficient back washing and or dirty worn cartridge.STEP 1: Check ph and alkalinity and adjust if necessary, also replace or clean cartridge or backwash filter.

STEP 2: Treat pool water with one of the pool chemical packages below.

STEP 3: Retest ph and alkalinity and repeat treatment if necessary.

Pool Capacity Cheatsheet

Pool Size Capacity (Gal.) Pool Size Capacity (Gal.) 
12 Round3,0008x12/14 Oval2,500
15 Round5,0008x15/16 Oval3,000
18 Round7,5008x19 Oval3,500
21 Round10,00010x16 Oval3,500
24 Round13,00010x18/19 Oval4,000
27 Round17,00010x21 Oval5,000
30 Round21,00012x16 Oval4,500
33 Round25,00012x17/18 Oval5,000
12x20/21 Oval6,500
12x24/27 Oval7,500
14x20 Oval7,500
15x24 Oval8,500
15x26 Oval9,000
15x30 Oval10,500
16x32 Oval12,000
18x33 Oval14,000
18x40 Oval17,000
21x43 Oval24,000

Please note: Pool calculations below have been rounded off to be used as a quick guide for easy pool maintenance. For exact calculations please use our pool volume calculator.

Cloudy Water Package 1

The Cloudy Water Package 1 contains everything you need to clear up your cloudy water. Cloudy or dull pool water is caused by improper chemical balance or fine debris suspended in the pool water. Use the following products to resolve this problem.

Cloudy Water Package 1

Cloudy Water Package 2

Super Clarifier works by grouping together microscopic particles & oils to help your filter remove them from the pool water. Oxy Shock is a odorless product designed to directly attack and break down the organic materials that can turn pool water dull and produce an unpleasant smell.

Cloudy Water Package 2