How to Vacuum Your Above Ground Pool

Learn how to vacuum your above ground pool with our step by step tutorial. The Pool Factory's blog makes maintaining your pool easy with our tutorials.

How to Vacuum Your Above Ground Pool

Backyard swimming pools are a lot of fun, but you’ll want to maintain your investment so it will last far into the future. Keep your pool clean and it can be enjoyed for many swimming seasons.

Simple Steps to Vacuuming Your Above Ground Pool


Attach vacuum hose and pole to vacuum head. Submerge unit in pool.

Vacuuming Your Above Ground Pool Submerge unit

Hold other end of hose over water return. Hose will fill with water, driving out all air trapped in hose.

Vacuuming Your Above Ground Pool hose over water return

While holding hose below water, place the vacuum plate into the skimmer, leaving the skimmer basket in place. Quickly attach hose to elbow fitting. You are now ready to vacuum.

EXPERT TIP: Utilizing your vacuum without the vacuum plate is an option - You can remove the skimmer basket and insert the vacuum hose into the skimmer intake by going over the top ledge. The pump strainer basket will also help collect the debris that you are vacuuming.

Vacuuming Your Above Ground Pool vacuum plate into the skimmer
Vacuuming Your Above Ground Pool attach hose to elbow fitting

If your skimmer was not supplied with an elbow fitting, simply take off the skimmer cover and put the vacuum hose directly on to the vacuum plate.

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