3 Tips for Proper Pool Maintenance During Vacation

Our proper pool maintenance during vacation tips can help keep your pool clean.

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When you are going on vacation and your family is already too busy taking care of your pets – save money rather than paying a pool maintenance team to come by while you are gone. Our pool maintenance during vacation tips can help keep your pool clean and nearly guarantee that you will come back to a crystal clean pool. You will also save a lot of money on pool supplies compared to having to clean a pool that has gone green while you were away.

Pool Maintenance During Vacation

Tip #1

Super chlorinate your pool! Depending on the amount of time you will be away, add as much as double the amount of pool shock that you would normally add (e.g. for a 7,500 gallon pool, add 2-3 lbs worth of powder shock or 1 to 1.5 gallons of liquid shock). Let the filter run for a couple hours after adding the shock.

Pool Chemicals

EXPERT TIP: Be sure to test your water once you come back from vacation to see if your chlorine levels are still high, refrain from swimming until levels are normal and do not add any additional chlorine.

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Tip #2

Cover the pool! The sun is what allows algae to grow and without direct sunlight on the water, it is difficult for the process to happen. Use your winter pool cover for the time period that you will be gone. It may take some time to cover but is a great tip to proper pool maintenance during vacation and it will be well worth coming back to a clean pool. If you do not own a pool cover yet, this would be a perfect time to buy since you will still need one once the colder months come around.

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Our winter pool covers are made of strong triple-laminated polyethylene. They are durable and tough enough to withstand a cold and long winter season. Our covers are highly resistant to punctures, tears, chlorine stains and other chemical stains. All of our winter pool covers include a cable and tightening device to easily attach to your above ground pool.

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Tip #3

Purchase a timer! A pool timer pool timers will not only come in handy while you are on vacation but it is also a worthy investment for day to day usage as well. Once installed, your filter will automatically turn on and off for any desired time period you like ensuring your pool still gets its needed filtering while you are away.

*Many times following tips #1 and #2 are sufficient. Following tip #3 could be risky as a running filter without at least daily supervision is more susceptible to a leak and/or the pump burning out. If you have no reason to doubt your filter system and its attachments, tip #3 works out to be another great way to ensure proper pool maintenance during vacation.

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