Pool Opening Checklist

Use our pool opening checklist to make sure you have everything you need to get your above ground pool up and running for the summer.

Pool Opening Checklist

It is inevitable that you will need to make a visit to the local pool supply store at least once a year. If there are any pool equipment or pool chemical issues that need to be solved, sometimes those visits can develop into multiple visits per day if you are not equipped with the right information. The staff at The Pool Factory have put together a helpful pool opening checklist to aid you when opening your swimming pool this upcoming season.

Pool Opening Checklist Guidelines

The following pool opening checklist has helpful tips that will jog your memory and keep the process easy so that it’s done right the first time around.

  • Know what you need
  • Don’t rush to uncover
  • Replace all that might be misplaced
  • Summer-ize
  • Finishing touches

1. Know what you need

Take an inventory (and check the expiration dates) on all of the pool chemicals that you have leftover from the previous year. Or better yet, take a picture of all of your pool chemicals before heading to the local supply store. So often, customers go into a pool supplies store and forget what they have already at home. They say, “I have pH plus, wait, or was it pH minus. Clarifier? Yes, I have a little of that left over, or was I out of clarifier and have a little algaecide. Yes, my test strips are still good, I think. Oh, I don’t know, I guess I’ll buy everything.” And before you know it, you are out of algaecide with 3 full bottles of pH minus and could have saved again this year.

Expert Tip:

With cell phone technology today, you can easily take pictures of your pool equipment and any other items that your customer service representative at The Pool Factory may need to see to answer your questions. You can email us your pictures and questions to info@thepoolfactory.com.

2. Don’t rush to uncover

Any experienced pool owner would know that patience is the key when removing the winter cover. It is more than likely that the cover not only has water on top of it, but that the water is filthy and full of debris. Use a submersible cover pump to remove all water on the cover. Then use either a leaf skimmer or a broom to remove all debris. Once clean, slowly remove the cover from the swimming pool and rinse it once more before letting it dry and storing it for the summer.

Pool Cove Pump
Leaf Net Skimmer
Above ground pool winter cover

Expert Tip:

Taking your time when removing the winter cover will prevent getting dirty water from the cover into the pool and save time during the opening process. Plus, storing a clean cover will keep the cover fresh year after year and improve it's longevity.

3. Replace all that might be misplaced

Pool closing can be a chore. And if the closing process was rushed, it’s possible that some items may have been misplaced during the winter months. Reconnect all parts of the pool filter system and take note of anything missing. Drain plugs, valve clamp screws, strainer lid O-rings, etc. are all necessities. Check for any cracks or leaks that may prevent a smooth startup. Again, take a picture of any parts in question and show them to your pool professional for advice. Also when reinstalling your ladder and/or pool steps check for all needed parts.

Peace of mind can be priceless and it never hurts to ask questions that may give you some perspective on how your pool functions. Check with a professional that all components are connected properly.

4. Summer-ize

Remove all pool winterizing hardware (ex. skimmer cover plates, winterizing plugs, ice compensators/air pillows, etc.). Refill the swimming pool to its proper water level and start the filter system.

Expert Tip:

If the pool is green when you open it, check out this article for help: How To Treat Pool Algae

Continue to run the swimming pool filter for 24 hours only breaking to clean the filter cartridge or backwash. Supplement any work done by the pool filter by also running an automatic or robotic pool cleaner. If the pool water is clear, use a test kit to test the water – add any necessary pool chemicals to balance.

cartridge filter system
robotic pool cleaner
pool chemicals chlorine

An advantage to opening your pool early is it gives you the ability to be more liberal with the shock treatments. If you have a pool party the following day, you will be deterred from super chlorinating.

5. Finishing Touches

Clean the areas around your pool by raking any leaves, sweeping deck areas, and cleaning any tools used to open the pool. Keep an eye on the water level over the next few days to make sure there are no leaks.

Expert Tip:

If a drop in pool water level is apparent, check out this article for help: How to Find and Fix a Leak in Your Pool

Remember to keep a regular pool maintenance schedule to ensure pool chemical levels remain consistent throughout the summer. We hope you enjoyed our pool opening checklist be sure to check out The Pool Factory for new products and promotions that can continue to make your pool owner responsibilities even easier!

8 Piece Pool Maintenance Chemical Kit With Test Kit

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8 Piece Pool Maintenance Chemical Kit With Test Kit