Pool Opening Checklist

Use our pool opening checklist to make sure you have everything you need to get your above ground pool up and running for the summer.

Pool Opening Checklist

Welcome to The Pool Factory's ultimate guide designed to simplify the process of preparing your swimming pool for a fantastic season ahead! With the warmer months approaching, ensuring your pool is ready for enjoyment couldn't be easier, thanks to the expertise of The Pool Factory Staff. Our meticulously crafted checklist covers every essential step, from equipment inspections to water chemistry adjustments, making it effortless for pool owners of all levels of experience to get their pool up and running smoothly. Get ready to effortlessly navigate the process of opening your pool, setting the stage for a summer filled with fun and relaxation!

Pool Opening Checklist Guidelines

The following pool opening checklist is a helpful guide that will make opening your above ground swimming pool a smooth and simple process!

  • Know what you need to open your pool.
  • Don’t rush to uncover your swimming pool.
  • Replace all accessories that might be misplaced.
  • 'Summer-ize' your swimming pool.
  • Finishing touches before you can start swimming!

1. Know what you need

As the new swimming season approaches, it's essential to start with a clear understanding of your pool's chemical inventory from the previous year. Taking stock of what you have on hand allows you to assess which chemicals were used, what quantities remain, and what needs replenishing. This inventory step is crucial for ensuring your pool's water quality remains optimal throughout the upcoming season. With a comprehensive understanding of your chemical needs, you can easily determine what products to purchase to maintain a safe and balanced swimming environment. Conveniently, The Pool Factory offers a wide selection of high-quality pool chemicals, making it simple to restock and prepare for the season ahead. Take the hassle out of chemical shopping by visiting our website, where you'll find everything you need to keep your pool pristine and inviting all season long.

Expert Tip:

Have a question about your chemicals/equipment from last season? With cell phone technology today, you can easily take pictures of your pool equipment and any other items that your customer service representative at The Pool Factory may need to see to answer your questions. You can email us your pictures and questions to info@thepoolfactory.com.

2. Don’t rush to uncover

Any experienced pool owner would know that patience is the key when removing the winter cover. It is more than likely that the cover not only has water on top of it, but that the water is full of debris. Use a submersible Cover Pump to remove all water on the cover. Then use either a leaf skimmer or a broom to carefully remove all debris. Once clean, slowly remove the cover from the swimming pool and rinse it once more before letting it dry and storing it for the summer.

Expert Tip:

Taking your time when removing the winter cover will prevent getting dirty water from the cover into the pool and save time during the opening process. Plus, storing a clean cover will keep the cover fresh year after year and improve it's longevity.

3. Replace all that might be misplaced

Take the time to reconnect all parts of your pool filter system and make sure nothing's missing. Parts like drain plugs, valve clamp screws, and strainer lid O-rings are essential. Look out for any cracks or leaks that could cause problems when you start up again. Additionally, don't forget to inspect and reinstall your ladder/pool steps, making sure you have all the necessary parts. You can find all replacement parts for our swimming pool models and equipment here → Replacement Parts

It's always good to have peace of mind, so don't hesitate to ask questions. If you're unsure about anything, take a picture and ask the experts at The Pool Factory to ensure everything's connected correctly for a smooth start to the season.

4. 'Summer-ize'

Remove all pool winterizing hardware (ex. skimmer cover plates, winterizing plugs, air pillows, etc.). Refill the swimming pool to its proper water level and start the filter system.

Expert Tip:

If the pool is green when you open it, check out this article for help: How To Treat Pool Algae

Continue to run the swimming pool filter for 24 hours only breaking to clean the filter cartridge or backwash. Supplement any work done by the pool filter by also running an automatic or robotic pool cleaner. If the pool water is clear, use a test kit to test the water – add any necessary pool chemicals to balance.

An advantage to opening your pool early is it gives you the ability to be more liberal with the shock treatments. If you have a pool party the following day, you will be deterred from super chlorinating.

5. Finishing Touches

Clean the areas around your pool by raking any leaves, sweeping deck areas, and cleaning any tools used to open the pool. Keep an eye on the water level over the next few days to make sure there are no leaks.

Expert Tip:

If you notice that the pool is losing water, review this article for help: How to Find and Fix a Leak in Your Pool

We hope you enjoyed our pool opening checklist! Remember to keep a regular pool maintenance schedule to ensure pool chemical levels remain consistent throughout the summer. Be sure to check out The Pool Factory's website for new products and promotions that can continue to make your pool owner responsibilities even easier!

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8 Piece Pool Maintenance Chemical Kit With Test Kit