Saltwater Above Ground Pool Maintenance

There are many benefits to using a Saltwater Generator. Learn all you need to know about how to maintain a saltwater above ground pool.

Saltwater Above Ground Pool Maintenance

There are many benefits to using a Saltwater Generator on your above ground pool, these include: (1) Softer water; (2) Lower cost of operation; (3) Overall less maintenance.

Traditional chlorine pools require a constant monitoring of pool chemical levels. In addition to monitoring these levels; storing, buying and adding pool chemicals to the water are tasks that would need to be performed every few days. Using a saltwater generator eliminates some of these steps as the need of buying and storing chlorine as well as having to check the pool water every few days would no longer be necessary.

With a saltwater generator, you will only need to check your pool water once a week to make sure that enough chlorine is being produced and that the pH level is between 7.2 and 7.6. Your free chlorine level should be between 1-3 ppm (parts per million). You can determine these levels using the Aquachek 7 Way Test Kit. While you still have to monitor the water, you won’t have to add chemicals nearly as often.

Aquachek 7 Way Chlorine Test Kit (100 Strips)

The Aquachek Silver 7 Way Test Kit allows you to test Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Bromine, pH, Alkalinity, Hardness and stabilizer (cyanuric acid) levels with one easy test. It’s one easy test for 7 pool symptoms. 100 Strips per bottle.

Aquachek 7 Way Chlorine Test Kit (100 Strips)

The first thing you need to know about maintaining your saltwater above ground pool is how many gallons of water your pool holds. This will let you know how much salt is needed for the generator to work properly. Follow the chart below to see the recommended amount. A frequently asked question is “where do I put the salt?” The answer to this is simply to broadcast the recommended amount of salt directly into your saltwater above ground pool. After distributing the salt evenly around the your saltwater above ground pool, use a pool brush to sweep any piles of salt that may have built up. Continue to run the filter for 24-48 hours or until all of the added salt is dissolved. This should be done as soon as the pool is filled with water. Once the generator is on and working, it will be converting that salt into chlorine to clean the pool water. This conversion is done on a residual basis eliminating those high/low levels that you may get when putting the chlorine in yourself. The generator will let you know when your salt level is low and when you need to add more.

Saltwater Above Ground Pool – Cell Maintenance

Most Saltwater generators, such as the Solaxx Saltron Retro Jet RJ, have a cell inside that needs to be cleaned off at the end of every season. They may have an indicator light that will flash “check cell” to remind you to do this. You should carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions to determine the proper way to clean them.

Solaxx Retro Jet RJ Saltwater Chlorine Generator

This self-contained purification system utilizes a natural process to generate pure chlorine. The electrolytic process uses a very low concentration of salt (less than a teaspoon per gallon) and generates free chlorine.

Solaxx Jet RJ Saltwater Chlorine Generator

Salt Reference Table

The following table displays a pools size and shape and the recommended amount of salt one would need based off those dimensions.

10'Round 2,000 73 2
12'Round 3,000 87 2
15'Round 5,000145 3.5
18'Round 7,500 218 5.5
21'Round 10,000 290 7.5
24'Round 13,000 40610
27'Round17,000 508 13
30'Round 21,000 609 15
33'Round 25,000 700 17.5
7' X 13' Oval 2,500 73 2
7' X 15' Oval 3,000 73 2
8' x 12' Oval 2,500 73 2
8' X 14' Oval 2,500 73 2
8' X 15' Oval3,000 87 2
8' X 16' Oval3,000 87 2
8' X 19' Oval3,500 102 2.5
10' X 15' Oval3,500 102 2.5
10' X 16' Oval3,500 102 2.5
10' X 18' Oval4,000 131 3
10' X 19' Oval4,000 131 3
10' X 21' Oval5,000 145 3.5
12' X 16' Oval 4,500 131 3
12' X 17' Oval 5,000145 3.5
12' X 18' Oval 5,000145 3.5
12' X 20' Oval 6,500 1744.5
12' X 21' Oval 6,500 1744.5
12' X 24' Oval 7,500203 5
12' X 27' Oval 7,500203 5
14' X 20' Oval 7,500203 5
15' X 23' Oval 8,500 261 6.5
15' X 24' Oval 8,500 261 6.5
15' X 26' Oval 9,000 261 6.5
15' X 30' Oval10,500 319 8
18' X 33' Oval14,000 406 10
18' X 40' Oval17,000522 13
21' X 43' Oval 24,000 675 17