Use our troubleshooting guide to help you with your Lil Shark automatic pool cleaner and to find answers to frequently asked questions.


The Pentair Lil’ Shark Pool Cleaner comes equipped with everything you will need for a spotless pool. Simply connect to your pools skimmer and the Lil’ Shark effectively cleans vinyl surfaces automatically to reduce time spent on regular vacuuming.

It connects similar to a standard vacuum that most above ground pool owners use for manual cleaning. Bleeding the hose of all air, using a vacuum plate, and powering the vacuum through the filters pump, are all a part of the set up process.

When connected, its patented design transmits the vibration from the above ground pool filter system, through a special vacuum hose, and that vibration is then amplified by the specially designed vacuum head that moves about in a circular motion all while vacuuming. Once automatic cleaning is finished, you can use a pole to quickly run over missed spots or clean portions of the wall.

Pentair Lil Shark Automatic Pool Cleaner Tips

What should I do when the cleaner moves slowly or not at all?

  • Backwash and clean filter. Empty all baskets.
  • Clear debris from oscillator or hose.
  • If hoses from pool to filter and pump are less than 1-1/2” diameter, replace with 1-1/2” diameter hoses.
  • Pump may be too small. Consult pool professional.
  • If your pool has a main drain (floor drain), close it during cleaner operation.

Why does the cleaner only clean the perimeter of the pool?

  • Make sure vacuum regulator is installed.
  • Set brush ring adjuster to a higher number.

Cleaner is hovering in one area with hose fully extended.

  • Hose is too short. The hose should reach furthest point in pool plus one section.

The cleaner turns in clockwise circles only and only covers one section of the pool.

  • The cleaner is designed to move in a clockwise direction.
  • Set brush ring adjuster to a lower number.

Oscillator/cleaner runs too fast

  • Make sure vacuum regulator is installed. (the regulator marked “50” will reduce cleaner speed).
  • If your system has a return valve, gradually close it until oscillator runs at the desired speed.

Why is my hose coiling up?

  • For best results, when hose is not in use, store it flat and straight and out of sun.
  • Hose is too long; remove sections as needed.

My cleaners do not cover the entire pool, how can I fix this?

  • Any cleaner may miss spots. Spot clean pool by attaching a vac-pole (telepole) to cleaner and steering it.
  • Try different brush ring adjuster settings (0-4) until the cleaner gives the desired results.
  • The cleaner was not designed to work under all solar covers.
  • Strong winds may interfere with complete cleaner coverage due to hose movement.

Cleaner flips on its side when pump stops.

  • This is normal if filter system develops a back pressure surge when the pump stops. The cleaner will right itself when system is restarted.

What should I do when my hose comes loose when pump stops?

  • Use reducer cone in skimmer.
  • Ensure all connections are tight.

What makes my cleaner stick to pool bottom or pool main drain?

  • Install diaphragm marked “50” in vacuum regulator.
  • Check inner brush ring for excessive wear.

Pentair Kreepy Krauly Lil Shark Automatic Above Ground Pool Cleaner

The Lil Shark Pool Cleaner installs in minutes without special tools or fittings. Since it operates on the suction produced by your pump and filter system, it runs automatically whenever your pump is operating.

Pentair Lil Shark Suction Side Pool Cleaner

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