Frequently Asked Pool Frog Operating Questions

The Pool Frog system will make the maintenance much easier on your pool. Read these FAQs to help you with regular operation of the system.

Frequently Asked Pool Frog Operating Questions

Below is a list of FAQs that will be helpful for any questions related to any Pool Frog system and their functionality. Find more answers to your questions at the King Technology link at the bottom of this page.

Can I refill the chlorine Pac?

No – not only is it dangerous it will result in using more chlorine than is necessary AND will void the warranty as the product is not being used according to directions.

How do I replace and maintain my Cap O-Rings?

Hold the cap in front of you upside down with the O-ring groove facing up. Place one end of the O-ring into the cap groove at the point closest to you. Hold O-ring down with the thumb and forefinger of one hand. Take hold of the far end of the O-ring with the thumb and index finger of the other hand. Roll O-ring slightly back towards you as you stretch the O-ring into the remainder of the cap groove. Lubricate O-ring regularly with silicone lubricant provided. DO NOT USE petroleum-based lubricants!

How do I replace my control dial?

The in ground and above ground control dials are replaced slightly differently. Diagrams and instructions can be found in our Pool Frog Support Page - here.

How often should I run my pump?

For pools, ANSI standards call for at least 1 turn over per day. Determine your water volume and the flow rate of your pump in gallons per minute. Then calculate the minimum pump run time for your pool. Installing a timer is recommended.

For spas, follow the manufacturer’s directions for operation as this can vary from spa to spa.

How should my King product be winterized?

Turn the pump off and turn the control dial all the way to the left. Remove the cap and unscrew knob in back of in ground units or front of above ground units. Allow all water to drain. Remove chlorine from system. If bulk, place in skimmer. If the chlorine pac still contains chlorine, wrap in plastic bag and store in cool, dry location away from open flame or anything metal. Replace cap and knobs loosely.

What is the correct setting for my control dial?

Each product has a specific setting based on pool size, pump size, and pump run time. The proper dial setting is important for maintaining the correct chlorine level. See your manual by finding it in our Pool Frog Support Page - here.

Why use FROG with an Ozone or Salt System?

FROG minerals reduce chlorine use, so with a salt generator you can turn the dial down to generate less, thus lengthening the life of the salt cell. Ozone is an excellent oxidizer so using it with FROG could eliminate shocking.

For additional questions or troubleshooting, go to King Technology’s diagnose a problem website:

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