Frog Pool Tender
Start-Up Instructions

Learn how to open your pool for the first time using the Pool Frog Tender Water Care System.

Frog Pool Tender Start-Up Instructions

To open your above ground pool you will need the following pool supplies (see below). The following instructions below have been provided by The Pool Factory’s Above Ground Pool Experts.

Here are simple and easy to follow instructions for helping you prepare your swimming pool and chemically treat your swimming pool water for the upcoming season. These instructions apply to both above ground pools and semi inground pools.

Frog Pool Tender Chlorine Chamber

Frog Pool Tender Chlorine Chamber

Frog Pool Tender Cycler

Frog Pool Tender Cycler and Mineral Chamber

Chlorine Stabilizer

Chlorine Stabilizer


Alkalinity Increaser & Decreaser


PH Plus & PH Minus

Pool Frog - Pool & Spa Test Kit (50 Strips)

Pool Frog Test Kit

Your new pool has been installed and is now filled with water. Follow these steps for opening your pool for the first time.

Steps to Open your Swimming Pool

Step 1

Begin running the filtration system:

  • Turn on the filter system allowing the water to circulate.

Step 2

Test the pool water:

  • Use the Pool Frog - Pool & Spa Test Kit to check the pool water chemistry, including pH, Alkalinity, and Chlorine levels. You must use the Pool Frog Test Kit when measuring the chlorine level. Test Kits can be found here → Pool Frog - Pool & Spa Test Kit (50 Strips)

Step 3

Balance the water chemistry:

  • Adjust pH and Alkalinity levels as needed. pH and Alkalinity balancers can be found here → Pool Chemicals
  • Here are the optimal pH and Alkaline levels: pH - 7.2 to 7.6 |Total Alkalinity - 80 to 120 ppm

Step 4

Insert a Frog Pool Tender Chlorine Chamber:

  • Turn off your filter system.
  • Insert a Frog Pool Tender Chlorine Chamber into the Cycler (into open center of the Mineral Chamber). You can find the replacement Chlorine Chamber here → Frog Pool Tender Chlorine Chamber
  • Turn your filter system back on.

If you installed Shut Off Valves with your equipment, close them AFTER turning off your pump and before inserting the Chlorine Chamber into the Cycler. This will stop the water from coming out of the pool. IMPORTANT: Remember to open up the shut off valves BEFORE turning the filter system back on.

Step 5

Add Chlorine Stabilizer:

  • Add Chlorine Stabilizer at a rate of 2 lbs per 6,000 gallons of pool water. Stabilizer can be found here → Chlorine Stabilizer
  • The Pool Check 4 In 1 Chlorine Test Kit can be used to check the Chlorine Stabilizer (Cyanuric Acid) levels. Maintain levels between 60 to 80 ppm. You can find the test kit here → Pool Check 4 In 1 Chlorine Test Kit (50 Strips)

Step 6

Regular Maintenance:

  • The Frog Pool Tender Cycler has a dial from 1-10 that controls the amount of chlorine that flows into the pool. Turn the dial on the Cycler to the #5 setting. For the first week test the pool water daily for free chlorine with FROG Brand Test Strips to ensure correct dial setting. Continue to test weekly throughout the season.
  • After each testing, adjust the dial up by 1/2 increment if the free chlorine reading has dropped below 0.5 ppm or adjust down by 1/2 increment if the reading has risen above 1.0 ppm.
  • Remember to adjust dial by 1/2 increments only in order to prevent over chlorination which may bleach pool surfaces.
  • Regularly test water with Frog Test Strips to maintain pH and Total Alkalinity.

Frog Pool Tender Products and Supplies

King Technology's Pool Frog pool products are the only Fresh Mineral Water systems designed to keep your pool water cleaner, clearer, and softer, while cutting your swimming pools chlorine use by up to 50%.

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