Using a Pool Frog Wake Up Kit to Open Your Pool

It's extremely easy to maintain you’re above ground pool with a Pool Frog System...

Using a Pool Frog Wake Up Kit to Open Your Pool

As always, the creators of the Pool Frog System have done it again. Not only is it extremely easy to maintain your above ground pool with a Pool Frog System but they have also customized a pool opening kit that makes managing your pool supplies a breeze. Wittingly called the Pool Frog Wake Up Kit, this opening kit consists of three parts. Each individually portioned and can be dispensed via your Pool Frog Infuzer. No reason to measure, no reason to guess, or doubt if you are adding the correct amount of pool chemicals to your swimming pool when opening at the start of the season.

Keeping It Another Level Of Easy!

The Pool Frog Wake Up Kit is identical to the Pool Frog Hibernation Kit, so be sure to buy two! This will take care of you winter closing chemicals as well. The process is the same to open your swimming pool as well as the process for closing your pool. It really is effortless with the Pool Frog System.

Pool Frog Leap Hibernation / Wake Up Kit

Whether opening OR closing your pool, Pool Hibernation / Pool Wake Up! provides complete care in a single box. With the hands free dispensing only FROG provides, you gain the convenience that your water is prepared for the coming season or properly winterized.

Pool Frog Leap Wake Up Pool Opening Kit

Pool Frog Wake Up Kit includes the following…

  • Pool Frog Depth Charge – A non-chlorine shock that takes away all contaminants in the water.
  • Pool Frog Reveille – Reveille is like a Chlorine Bac Pac designed to boost the initial chlorine level.
  • All-Out Algaecide – The All-Out algaecide is preventative chemical that will ensure you do not have a green pool for 90 days!

EXPERT TIP: Both the Pool Frog Depth Charge and Revelle disperse in only one hour.

Pool Frog Wake Up Kit Versus Other Pool Opening Kits

Other start-up and winterizing kits require you to measure out all of your chemicals and purchase additional items to open and close. The Pool Frog Wake Up Kit is the simplest all-in-one way to start up your pool all in one box. Avoid TDS level problems and reduce the total amount of pool chemicals added to your above ground pool by using Pool Frog brand products for every situation in every season.

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