Pool Heaters

Our above ground pool heaters are the perfect solution for extending your swimming season and keeping your pool water warm.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of pool heaters does The Pool Factory offer?

The Pool Factory provides a diverse range of pool heaters, including Electric, Natural Gas, Propane, and Solar heaters. These options cater to different preferences and pool types.

How do I choose the right heater for my above-ground pool?

Consider factors such as fuel type (Electric, Natural Gas, Propane, Solar), pool size, and your heating preferences. The collection allows you to filter by these criteria, making it easier to find the ideal heater for your needs.

What are the featured heaters, and why are they recommended?

Featured heaters like the AquaPro ECO550 Electric Heat Pump and SwimSmart Plug-In 110 Volt Electric Heat Pump are highlighted for their efficiency and performance. Customer reviews and ratings provide insights into their popularity.

Are there heaters suitable for specific pool sizes or types?

Yes, the collection includes heaters tailored to various pool sizes and types. Whether you have a smaller above-ground pool or a larger one, there are heating options available to suit your needs.

How do I finance my pool heater purchase with Affirm?

The Pool Factory offers financing options through Affirm, providing a convenient way to make your heater purchase more accessible. You can explore this during the checkout process.