Eclipse 3 Granular Algaecide 8.8lbs


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  • Super concentrated - use only 1/8th of an oz. of Eclipse3 per 1,000 gallons weekly.
  • Eliminates the tedious daily routine usually associated with pool and spa maintenance
  • Allows pool and spa owners to add less chlorine and bromine and still maintain crystal clear water in their pool or spa
  • Saves on pool and spa chemical costs – by as much as 60%
  • Saves on electrical costs by as much as 66 % -- you only need run your pump and filtration system for as little as 8 hours a day
  • Eliminates worries about strong chemical odors, irritation of the skin and eyes, bleaching of hair and is environmentally-friendly
  • Safe for pool liners and has no erosion effects on filtration system parts
  • Active ingredient: Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate
  • 8.8lb pail

Eclipse3 is an all-natural mineral treatment for pools, spas and hot tubs. Eclipse3 has been proven to perform extremely well in three main areas; it eliminates algae growth and reduces your use of chlorine, clarifies the water while maintaining a proper pH level, and can reduce your electrical operating costs by as much as 66%. Eclipse3 helps pool and spa owners maintain a healthier, cleaner and more natural way of enjoying their investment and leisure time. (Used by Six Flags Great Adventure)

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