Frog @ease Replacement Smartchlor Cartridge 3 Pack 01-14-3258

Frog @ease Replacement Smartchlor Cartridge 3 Pack 01-14-3258
3 Pack of Frog @ease Smartchlor Cartridges. Read more
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Frog @ease Replacement Smartchlor Cartridge 3 Pack 01-14-3258


  • Kills bacteria with up to 75% less chlorine* than ordinary systems
  • Floats in spa water and flips over when empty, indicating the SmartChlor cartridge needs replacing
  • Low-chlorine spa sanitizing cartridge maintains a consistent 0.5 - 1.0 ppm free chlorine level at all times
  • No faded swimwear. No chlorine smell
  • Lasts 3-4 weeks in spas up to 600 gallons
  • The SmartChlor cartridge flips when it's time to change

California residents see prop65 warnings


Frog @ease Smartchlor Cartridge 3 Pack is a direct replacement for the Frog @ease Automatic Hot Tub Water Care System. Each SmartChlor cartridge lasts up to 4 weeks depending on hot tub usage (Recyclable when empty). Unlike normal chlorine that is used up when you get in, SmartChlor continues to maintain the same level which is up to 75% less than hot tubs using Dichlor (standard hot tub chlorine). It is self-regulating and goes to work when the hot tub needs sanitizing so there are no frustrating yo-yo chlorine levels. This time-released method is also why less shock is needed to maintain the hot tub. When the SmartChlor Cartridge is depleted the system will flip over as a visual reminder to replace the empty cartridge with a new one.

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Frog Serene
Frog Serene

Frog Serene Mineral Products control bacteria and help keep the pH neutral, which reduces your chlorine or bromine use up to 50%* and makes the water feel silky soft and look crystal clear. There are three easy Spa Frog options to meet your specific spa water treatment needs.

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