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The Saltwater LX redefines the standards of beauty and inner strength. This high tech resin model offers an innovative design that's never been seen in above ground pools before. Includes Free Shipping, thru-wall skimmer and blue liner. Liner upgrades & accessories available when customizing.

Easy Shopping Tips - Scroll down this page to choose a pool size. Then, select the "Customize This Pool" button to upgrade the liner, add a filter, ladder, cover or any other accessory.

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Pool Size Price
12ft x 16ft x 54in $3,395.00
12ft x 18ft x 54in $3,695.00
12ft x 20ft x 54in $3,895.00
12ft x 24ft x 54in $4,395.00
15ft x 26ft x 54in $4,595.00
15ft x 30ft x 54in $4,695.00
18ft x 33ft x 54in $5,095.00
18ft x 40ft x 54in $5,795.00
21ft x 43ft x 54in $6,295.00

The Saltwater LX redefines the standards of beauty and inner strength. This high tech resin model offers an innovative design that's never been seen in above ground pools before. Each piece of the 8" curved top seats fits precisely into the next with a fully integrated flexible joint. Your expectations are sure to be exceeded by this sleek, leading edge pool that struts its stuff with such utter elegance. Saltwater LX has developed advanced coating techniques that will eliminate corrosion of the pool. The pool wall is coated with Duratex 2000 anti-corrosion paint, to protect against humidity and chemicals. The Saltwater LX has a unique stainless steel service panel that protects the skimmer and return lines from rust and corrosion. So you get a high-value pool without the high price tag—and a pool that will will have you splashing, for years to come!


  • True curved 8" wide injection-molded resin top ledges in a rich Chocolate hue, resist saltwater, chlorinated water and constant wear
  • Stainless Steel service panel for superior corrosion protection against saltwater and chlorinated water
  • 54" high wall coated with a Duratex 2000 anticorrosion paint to prevent corrosion from saltwater, chemicals and weather elements
  • Injection-molded Resin tracks give the Saltwater LX added strength and support
  • Elegant mocha metallic steel uprights finished with a texturized polyester anti-corrosion coating
  • Sleek resin top caps in a rich Chocolate hue adds beauty and style to the Saltwater LX
  • Wall Color/Design: Sonata
  • 20 gauge blue liner included with pool price with the option to upgrade by clicking the Customize tab
  • Widemouth thru-wall skimmer and water return fitting included
  • Warranty: Manufacturer's 60-year limited warranty. Lifetime warranty on all resin components
  • Warranty covers the use of a Salt System
  • Installs above ground or semi-inground (installation not included)
  • Warranted for semi-inground installation up to halfway (27 inches) in the ground

  • 54" Wall Height
  • 8" Injection-molded, true curved Synflex Resin Top Ledges in a rich Chocolate hue
  • Resin tracks, rails, connectors, caps and over-sized fasteners
  • Stainless steel wall saver skimmer panel
  • Mocha metallic uprights
  • Sleek Oval Space Saving Support System
  • Wall Color/Design: Sonata
  • 60-Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Liner and Thru-Wall Skimmer Included
Customer Reviews
Highly recommend them for all your pool needs!!!

Review by Stacey, GA on Sep 29, 2017

Enjoyed the pool this summer!! We did our own installation it was easy to complete. I went with the saltwater set up and I must say that once I got the water stabilized after set up, there was no maintenance other than cleaning for the entire summer. I recommend buying the pump timer unless you are retired or work from home. You just set it and forget it. I also recommend getting the winterizing kit. Although I haven’t closed down the pool yet, there is piece of mind knowing that I have everything I need to do it. The financing program is great for those who don’t have the cash on hand to pay in full. In just 12 months the pool will be paid for. When I had questions the pool company always had a person who could answer my questions quickly. Highly recommend them for all your pool needs!!!


Review by Jay on Sep 20, 2017

Had pool installed in May 2017, no issues so far!!! Salt system has been very low maintenance along with the carteiddge filter system from Hayward....basically no Maintance and water has been crystal clear all summer!!!! If your looking for a large pool with a salt system, this is the one along with the Hayward aqua troll and cartridge filter!!!! You will be more than pleased

Very happy

Review by Tracy F. NY on Sep 12, 2017

Great company with people always ready to help. Very happy with my pool : )


Review by Robert G, NJ on Aug 31, 2017

Excellent and speedy service. Big bang for buck. Web site made it easy to customize to my own needs.

We love our new Saltwater LX pool

Review by Mary M. on Jun 20, 2017

We love our new Saltwater LX pool and accessories we purchased from the Pool Factory! Prompt shipments, no problems, and ready for Summer fun in Kansas!

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