Saltwater Series Chemical Maintenance Kit with Test Kits

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Saltwater Kit Contains the following items:

  • For all pools up to 25,000 gallons
  • 2lbs. Saltwater pH Increaser
  • 3lbs. Saltwater pH Decreaser
  • 5lbs. Saltwater Alkalinity Increaser
  • 3lbs. Saltwater Alkalinity Decreaser
  • 2lbs. Saltwater Oxidizing Shock
  • 7lbs. Saltwater Stabilizer
  • 4 Way Test Strips (50 Strips)
  • Salt Test Strips (16 Strips)

The Saltwater Series Pool Opening & Maintenance Kit includes everything necessary to maintain sparkling clear salt water except the salt! Two test kits are included, a salt test kit and 4-way test strips to help maintain proper water chemistry balance. The kit also includes Saltwater Shock, Saltwater Stabilizer, as well as Saltwater pH and Saltwater Alkaline increaser and decreasers.

Helpful Tips

Rain, hot weather, and heavy use can affect your pool water chemistry. Generally, you will need to run your filtration system longer after rain, hot weather or heavy use. Rain can also cause alkalinity and pH levels to vary, which can cause cloudy water. Test your Alkaline and pH levels at least once a week and especially after it rains. Shocking the pool with Saltwater Series Oxidizing Shock will help keep your pool water sparkling clean.

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