Spa Frog Mineral Cartridge 01-14-3812


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  • Destroys bacteria for improved water clarity
  • Helps maintain neutral pH in your spa
  • Reduces chemical usage by up to 50%
  • Reduces bromine use for softer water
  • Eliminates daily dosing for less work
  • Dissolves without leaving a residue
  • No bleaching of hair and bathing suits
  • Replace every 4 months

The Spa Frog Mineral Cartridge controls bacteria and keeps pH levels neutral, which reduces your chlorine or bromine use up to 50% and makes spa water feel silky soft and look crystal clear. Mineral cartridges are easily adjusted to meet the sanitizing needs of virtually any size spa. Replace the mineral cartridge every four months when you drain and refill your spa. Less chemicals equals softer and more enjoyable water.

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