How To Operate
the Solaxx SafeDip Digital Chemistry Tester

This guide will provide you with step by step instructions on how to operate the Solaxx SafeDip Digital Chemistry Tester.

How To Operate the Solaxx SafeDip Digital Chemistry Tester

Testing Your Pool Water

Testing your swimming pool’s water has never been easier. Solaxx designed this chemistry tester, which happens to be an industry leader in pool products. Below you will find instructions on how use the SafeDip properly so you receive the correct reading every time.

Operating the Solaxx SafeDip:


Fill the bottom 1/3 of the sample cup with the water sample. Make sure to collect the water at least 1.5″ from the surface. The other option is to submerse the probes directly into the water sample.


Press the ON/OFF button. The most recent measurement will always appear along with the disk icon.


Remove the sleeve and attach it to holding area. Immerse the Safedip probe in the water sample. Make sure the probes are completely submersed.


Press the START button to begin a new measurement.


During the new measurement, the hourglass will blink before all stabilized parameters are achieved. When measurement is finished, a beep will be heard and newest data will be displayed. The data will be saved in the memory until the next measurement. Only the latest measurement is stored and all prior measurements are discarded.


In order to view the latest readings at anytime, press the ON/OFF button.


If a new measurement is desired, repeat steps 3-6.


When finished using the meter, press the ON/OFF button once to turn the device off. If you forget to do so, the meter will turn off automatically after 1 minute.


Always rinse the probes with fresh tap water after use. Replace the sleeve in order to keep the probes wet. Failure to keep probes wet will void the warranty.

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Solaxx SafeDip Digital Chemistry Tester

The SafeDip is a digital chemistry reader designed to make measuring pool parameters easy. Simply collect the water sample from the pool using the onboard cup and press the Start button to take your measurement. Learn more...